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 Some of the stories contain explict scenes and/or language. If you are easily offended, don't read them or don't complain later.

NB: I'll be glad to post any of your stories, should you consider sending them to me.


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  • The Son of Blizzard
    Sub-Zero's point of view on the events of MK4. My first about MK, so it still had some serious attitude to it.

  • A Thousand Dreams Away
    Baraka's story taking place between MK3 and MK4. Next story I make with Baraka in it will explain how it ties up with MKG. It will tie up ... somehow.

  • Return To The Blizzard
    My vision of what went on with Sub after MK4, I know that MK5 will screw the story, but I think I'll finish it before they do. Besides, it's been damn fun to write.

  • A Lady of Her Own
    Mileena's story right before MK II. Grotesque and heavy on sex and violence, mind that.
    If your parents haven't allowed you to see "Basic Instinct" and "Natural Born Killers" yet, it's probably not a good idea to read this one at all. Oh, it's kind of a prequel for A Thousand Dreams Away.


  • Girls' Chat
    Courtesy of my good friend Sapfarah ( There is a link to her site below ). The story is extremely funny, and short. Not strictly MK since it employs several characters from Tekken, but still enjoyable to everyone ( and she has comments for those unfamiliar with Tekkan ).

  • Observing Lieutenant Blade: File 1
    Courtesy of
    Jaz, takes a view of our all time favourite belle mademoiselle Blade. Based mostly on MK the movie, with lots of skillfully added episods from the author.

  • Bondage NEW
    Another Mileena's story, courtesy of Nyohah, and a great one imho. Just acquired its 6th part ! God she's fast ...  Don't you just love it ? Hopefully we'll get more ...



Spinning .... probably wants to drive you crazy, ain't it ?

  • ShadeAway
    My first story, of madness and fencing and - of course - revenge. My bow to my favourite author Roger Zelazny.

  • A Nice View From Above
    Semi-autobiography. Humour intended.

  • The Eyes of Blue
    Weirdness rules. If this story makes sense to you, you're in need of urgent help. But, before they take you to the asylum, please tell me what it was.

  • A Question of Hospitality
    Now this is a fans-only little thingie. You got to be at least aware of both Vampire: The Masquerade and Roger Zelazny's Amber Chronicles in order to enjoy this. I'm not very familiar with VtM myself, so contact me if you find any mistakes, and I'll work on them.


  • A Box of Shadow
    Another one from the courteous Sapfarah. Well, not Submission really, since I actually begged till she agreed to let me post this wonder of a story. Hope she won't sue me, but so far - go on and read. Don't forget to write to her later and say how much you liked it.



Walk to the light ...

  • Open-minded ... or Mindless ?
    An article, courtesy of Mr. Boogie Jack. I truly consider it a must-read thing. Free thy mind, and it helps a lot. There is also a link below to the author's site ( and - he runs a newsletter I myself find one of the best if not #1 ! ).

  • Let Them Laugh, And Let Them Scream
    Half an hour of free time resulted in this sick-minded poem full of lousy rhymes and unreasonable behavior. Some smile, some ...

  • V/R
    Try it. Don't promise a thing, just decide for yourself.

  • I/M
    No, despite the name, it's not really a sequel to the one above. It's just in the same key. Or not. Basically it offers you a rather original theory of how to reach your goals in life.

  • The Roadsign
    Graffity inspired not-rhymed poetry.

  • Weird Things
    Very old collection of odd quotes.

  • Agatha Christy songs
    In my translation. Agatha Cristy here is not a famous writer, but a Russian rock band which took her name.

  • More Agatha Christy songs
    Translation of my friend, if I may use this strong word for this little bugger, Yuri "Crocodile" Dzi. My corrections, quite a lot, but still his style.

  • Important Things to Remember
    List of funny ( sometimes ) rules in life. Lame, as they all, but still.

My attempt to make Nightwolf's skin for QII. If you're a fan, and don't expect too much from Paintbrush, it's yours. Looks better when some nice 3d accelerator smoothes the effect of my axe work. Well, still it's recognizable ....



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And - I always hope to get fan fiction stories, pictures, Quake skins, poetry, songs  from you. Well, do send me anything you think might be interesting.



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