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"... time has again been allocated to dreams, although still in accordance with rules established years ago. For, if you do not place limits on your daydreaming or if you ever forget that these are games of fancy and fantasy, the dreams will absorb you, become your master, rather than the other way round. In fact, it is these very rules that give the dreams their power: for a prescribed period of time, you can be whoever you want, doing whatever you please, because you know none of it is true, and in ten or twenty or thirty minutes the pleasure will be over, and life will reclaim you once more. Of course, there's nothing preventing you from returning to a particularly appealing scene, tomorrow, next week, even next year, but by then you will have had ample time with battle-scarred reality, to keep the dreams in perspective..."

- Andrea Goldsmith, "Modern Interiors"

This quote defines fanfic for me. Indulging in fanfic - whether it's by writing or reading it - is a way of exploring elusive dreams. Those scenes, images or moments that you desperately crave to see on the small screen can be played out in your mind through the conduit of fanfic. That's what originally got me hooked, and the continued brilliance of many fanfiction authors has cemented the obsession. So join me in this realm of Mulder and Scully dreams... absorb yourself in the fantasy. Just for a little while.

This site is devoted to fanfic. That's why there's no images, no movie files, no extraneous details to distract visitors from the written word. I've archived all of my own stories (and I mean "all"... even the ones I'd rather get rid of!), and am slowly building up a selection of my favorite authors and recommended stories. There's a page of my unfinished fic for those who are interested in works in progress, along with information on joining my mailing list. Eventually, there will be links to other great fanfic sites; if you have any to suggest, please e-mail me.

Feedback is warmly welcomed both on the stories and the webpage itself. :)


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I've recently signed up with Yahoo Groups (formerly eGroups) to administer my mailing lists. If you're interested in adding yourself to either list A or list B, just follow the links below. Of course, you can still e-mail me if that's your preference. Just don't forget to let me know which group you want to join.

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Joining this mailing list means that you'll receive a copy of my stories as soon as I post them. Great if you've got a lousy news server!
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Alternatively, you'll just receive an e-mail letting you know that I've posted a new story to the newsgroup and to this site. Ideal for those who've already got *way* too much mail to deal with.


September 9, 2001
Still sticking with the 'pared back' website since I just know I'm never going to have the time to update this regularly enough to warrant more features. And I've just made the switch to Yahoo Groups for my mailing list to avoid the problems I've had over the years in maintaining my mailing lists myself.
New story coming soon!

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