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As you will see this site is under construction ( I mean all i've written isn't already translated ... but don't worry it's coming), furthermore, guy have already watched it ... Nobody has already complain so ... let's have a glance on it !

This page will deal with MYSTARA , especially I'll explain what adventures I've masterised there to my friends ...

Mystara map

Note : Mystara, Known World and D&D is published by TSR and belong to them. It's now part of wizard of the coast. As neither companies continue to publish these games, I fell free to devellop my own campain on this world. I try to follow "canon" facts but i'm not sure of it so take only what you wanna get.



New adventures

As a DM, I lead a group of 2 adventurers coming from Forgotten Realms and who are looking for a mean to get back to their home plane. Furthermore, it seams to be difficult escaping from immortal will, and for an unknown reason, they don't seem to be allowed to escape. Here are few of their adventures on Known World

Characters : PC and NPC ...

Here a brief description of the heroes and those they've met :


One of my invention, a gazetteer of Drüt island (IN ENGLISH NOW (since 7/7/98))wich describe a pirate's island in the sea of Dread ... Truly dreadfull.

Let's hear the story of Midas, the man that made gold to appear ... an old thyatian legend.

Let's have a look to the sites i think must be seen once. Are you listed ?

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Lastly, let's look at a very nice picture from the D&D compagnon box, or from Penhaligon trilogie here

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thanks this ring i've met many interressing peaple ... but let's have a look on the sites it contains : some are very interessing (and well written for English ones ;o) )


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