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When we get this DC One Million crossover out of the way, I'm going to be looking for a few changes in the Cavern. If you have any suggestions about what you'd like to see here, fill them in the box below and click send. Thanks!

[The Steven Grant Interview: SENTINELS OF MAGIC]

The first of hopefully many interviews on the DC Cavern keeping you right up to date on the DC Universe.
Our first victim of the Q&A E-mail is writer Steven Grant, currently working on 'Sentinels of Magic', which he describes as "the 'magic' book for superhero fans".
Click here to read the Q&A.

Meet the Team

Many thanks to the following people, who make the review section of this site what it is:

[Brendan McKillip]
Batman - Detective Comics - Legends of the Dark Knight
Shadow of the Bat - Nightwing - Robin - JLA
Batman Annual - Green Lantern - JLA: The Nail - Young Justice

[Mark Burrier]
Superman - Superman Annual - Superman: Man of Tomorrow
Superman: Man of Steel - Adventures of Superman - Action Comics

[Mark Cook]
Flash - JLA - Superman For All Seasons - Young Justice
Martian Manhunter - Martian Manhunter Annual
Aquaman - Superboy - DC One Million

[Jeremy Bleichman]
Action Comics
[Tyler Lane]
Resurrection Man - Supergirl
[Linda Thackeray]
Wonder Woman
[Andrew Haswell]
Power of Shazam - Graphics - Gubbins
Everything else basically!

Who's Who Files

Do you have a character you'd like to know more about? Just type it in the box below and sent it to me. If I can dig up enough details, I'll use it! Please remember that this is a DC site, so votes for Spider-man and Wolverine will be ignored. So will the one's for Superwoman (which I get a lot) 'cos there's no such person now! If you're looking for pre-crisis stuff you're in the wrong place. That means no Batwoman either...

I'd like to see:

This is a fan's page for other fans. I am not making any money from this site, nor do I wish to. Almost all characters and related logos on this page are copyright DC Comics. If you have any complaints or just want to speak to me then e-mail me. This site is not endorsed in any way by DC Comics or Warner Bros.

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