TITLE: 154 Words: Ashes
AUTHOR: Octavian
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SUMMARY: A goodbye.
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154 Words: Ashes
by Octavian

I scattered his ashes in the Mediterranean.

Standing hip-deep in the warm waters, I held the urn aloft in benediction, gently tipping its
contents into the wind.  Gray dust swirled about me in a final farewell; spinning like miniature
tornadoes before disappearing into the waves.

There was nothing left but to return to the shore, to the house that had been our sanctuary
for over three decades.  To the place where he died.

His soft whisper had awakened me.  "Scully, it's time."

I wrapped myself around him, feeling the life leach from his body as we spoke of the past,
reassuring each other we had no regrets.  Strong fingers - lined with age and care - went
slack in mine; he was finally at peace.

Now I am alone.  Standing outside our home, our refuge from the world, I watch the sun set
behind the sea that holds him, and smile.

Soon, Mulder.  Soon.