Franz Joseph

by Karen Dick and Greg Tyler

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The Buckskins

In the mid-1940s, Franz Joseph began writing a story about characters that he'd made and called "the Buckskins." The Buckskins were little gremlin-type creatures that plagued the ancient Maya. The basis for the story was the discovery of a three-foot-tall, miniature temple among the ruins of the Chichen Itza in Yucatan.

Although Franz Joseph only finished the first chapter, he did produce some artwork related to the story, which is being published here for the first time. There were at least five Buckskins -- Paaskin, Maskin, Kidskin, Buckskin, and Doeskin.

As Karen Dick describes, "these characters are not 'politically correct' by today's standards. But as examples of caricature, "deformed" art, and 1940's style art, they are primo."

It is hoped that the reader will find nothing inherently derogatory about the artwork shown here. The Buckskins are miniature people modeled after an actual society. Many tales featuring miniature people have been written over the years, and these people are often modeled after the regular-sized people with whom they live. If you do find these illustrations offensive, then please keep in mind that attitudes, both societal and personal, change over time, and that these drawings are over a half-century old.


Pen-and-inks done in the ancient Maya style, intended as headers for the first two chapters. Note what may be the three-foot-tall temple in the lower illustration.


A final color rendering of the Paaskin.


Work-up sketches of two of the characters: the Buckskin and the Doeskin.


Work-up sketches of two other characters: the Maskin and the Kidskin.


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