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Please remember that the toys pictured on this page are not the only ones that exist in each respective series. They are just the ones that I have in my personal collection. *These toys are NOT for sale!*

Popy's stab at the Gatchaman diecast market is probably the most well-known. They released the toys from the Gatchaman II and Gatchaman Fighter series as well as a re-release of the jumbo Grip original G-5. The Gatch II toys are most abundant and are the easiest and least costly to find. Don't let that fool you into thinking that they aren't nice though! These are some of the nicest diecast toys made! Popy also released the New Godphoenix in regular and Deluxe sizes while adding a "firebird" variation to the paint scheme (all red and yellow). Gatchaman Fighter introduced the Gatchaspartan and a new twist on individual team vehicles. Unlike those of the previous two series, in Gatch F the entire team piloted vehicles that formed one large ship, the Gatchaspartan. This vehicle was also offered in regular and deluxe sizes. In my opinion, this is the least interesting of all Gatchaman toys.

These Italian versions of the Japanese marketed Popy Diecast toys were made in Singapore for the European market. They are marked with a "Bandai Italia" logo and are identical to thier Japanese counterparts. These toys have also surfaced in nearly the same packaging with "Battle of the Planets" logos in England. The Gatchaspartan (Gatch F) was released in conjunction with the toys from Gatch II in this series. These toys have really nice box art.

Here are the Gatchaman Flyz from the '94 OAV's. Chances are that you have seen "Dragon Flyz" in your local toy store, right? Well these are the same things only with Gatchaman characters. Of course you notice Ken (above left) and the other one is the Blackbird figure (above center). These were released during the time when the 1994 OAV's were being sold. They came with a "godphoenix" launcher to make them take off! An interesting toy for sure. Alternate packaging exists for these particular toys (above right-Condor Joe) with more Japanese writing on it. They both have both Tsukuda and Galoob logos on them so I am supposing that they were each made for their own country's markets.

Imai has made some really nice models of Ken and Jun. These models, when built up, stand about the size of an action figure. Each is a well detailed kit and comes with a small version of the team member's personal vehicle. Imai has also made a model of the original Godphoenix. I've only seen photos, but if it's anywhere as nice as these two kits, I'd buy it in a hearbeat!

The book on the left, Gatchman Graffitti, is essential to any self-respecting Gatchaman fan. It has TONS of pictures from all three original series as well as the '94 OAVs. It also has episode synopses and photos of all sorts of cool Gatchman merchandise like posters, toys, books, LDs, cds, records, etc. You GOTTA get this one. Too bad it's all in JAPANESE though. Makes it tough to read. Item on the right is a Gatchaman CD from the Gatch II series. It's a mini-cd with four tracks on it. Heck, it's worth having for the artwork alone.