"Greetings, cutter. You have reached my home in this plane. I am Kallis Tharzar, tiefling psionicist and tolerably accomplished planewalker. In my travels across the multiverse, I have sought long and hard for a suitable way to record my thoughts and experiences. Although the sensorium at the Civic Festhall in Sigil has suited my purposes nicely, I realise that many of you will sadly never have the chance to visit that treasured storehouse of knowledge. So I have 'borrowed' a young student's web page for my exposition on the nature of everything."


This link leads to Voila!'s Mimir, an invaluable source of Planescape information. Now at mimir.net!

"All portals lead to Sigil" - proverb

NEW: This page is now the home page of the Forgotten Realms Project entitled 'More Gods'. This consists of detailed write-ups of gods of the Forgotten Realms, Oriental Adventures and Arabian Adventures setting in Faiths and Avatars format. Tom Costa's wonderful article on Bahamut the Platinum Dragon is now a part of the project, as well as the Zakharan powers Hakiyah and Hajama, as described by me. EXTRA: Agathos Daimon, the Luck Snake, has now joined the project.

IN THE PIPELINE: Coming soon we've got Chinese powers, expanding the Celestial Bureaucracy to a size worthy of the name. The article about the prominence of gods will be rounded out with single-sphere powers, and there's bound to be some new locations appearing soon as well. In particular, I'm presently designing a few prime worlds of interest, and they, along with their native gods, should be appearing soon.

Rating System

DM Dungeon Masters only G Graphics intensive S Contains minor secrets SJ Spelljammer


What is a tiefling? Why should one have an exultation?

NEW & UPDATED: FAQ&A: A supplement to Jon Winter's Planescape FAQ

Why should I read this page if I don't do AD&D?


NEW: The Elemental Theory of Celestial Bodies SJ

Mathematics and the Multiverse


Planar Numerology


NEW: Genasi for All Seasons

All About Tieflings S

The Aasimar S

NEW: General Plane-Touched Articles S

Who's What

The Xaoticians


The Ecology of the Light Aasimon by Brynn

The Planar Tarot

Planewalking Equipment

Adamantine - A Metal for the Future!

Factions' Secondary Planes

Sects' Secondary Planes

The Beginnings of the Elves

NEW: A Tiefling's Exultation

- A poem by Sam Weiss


NEW: Introduction

NEW: The More Gods Project

NEW: The Olympians Strike Back

The Uzo pantheon from the Black Arrow setting

NEW: The Dark Powers

More Celtic Powers

More Norse Powers

The Inuit Pantheon

The Persian Pantheon

The Maya Pantheon

Slavic Powers

Dead Powers

The Ogdoad

The Canaanite/Ugaritic Pantheon

NEW: Grippli Powers and Religion by James O'Rance

The Truth about Orcs by Chris Nichols S

The Aztec Pantheon by Skypti and Alex

NEW: A Guide to All Powers


NEW: Codex Caelorum Septem

The Book of the Seven Heavens

NEW: Libellus Solitudinis Ravi

The Handbook of the Grey Waste

NEW: Volumen Infernum

The Book of the Underworld

The Dungeon Master's Guide to the Hinterlands DM, G

The Black Arrow world of Ambal

Uden, realm of the jungle gods

Zaromex's Studio

Xaos Kollege

The Fiend's Salute Tavern

Mountains of the Planes

UPDATED: Rivers of the Planes

UPDATED: Cosmographical Tables (LARGE!)

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