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Mr. Nice, but Wrong Guy
Scully starts dating a guy that is perfectly nice, but for some reason Mulder is insanely jealous and he is forced to confront his feelings for Scully.

Thanks to Suzie for this challenge.

The Valentines Day Party Challenge

The FBI have a Valentine's Day party/dance. Mulder works up the nerve to ask Scully and when they go together, interesting stuff could happen ;-) . RST, UST & GTM galore!

Thanks to Suzie for this challenge.

The End/Movie Challenge
I challenge the writers to write a story that starts around of "The End" and goes through the movie. How does Mulder recover from the fire? How are he and Scully able to stay together in their new assignment? I think there are some good possibilities out there.

Thanks to Elizabear for this challenge!

The "First Wives Club" Challenge

How about a humor story a la "First Wives Club", in which Phoebe Green, Diana Fowley, and Dana Scully, by that time all "ex-chickadees" of Fox Mulder *g*, get together some time in the future to contemplate and nag about their relationships with Mulder.

It can be either after he died (sniff!) and they are at his funeral reading of his last will and testament.

or it can be when they all get involved in a case together - while he's alive and has to deal with three women who are VERY pissed at him.

In any case, it's ought to be something like black comedy.

Thanks to Marina for this challenge!

Another Emily, Mulder-Style Challenge
The challenge involves Scully finding out that she has another daughter/son like Emily. But her child doesn't look like her and it has brown hair and hazel eyes. Consequences ensure.

Thanks to Carolina for this challenge.

A Twist of Alien Challenge
I have been thinking a lot about what Strughold said in the Consortium meeting, "Vee zen must take avay zat vis vich he cannot live visout". I wonder if there is a reason for Mulder's life being so dependent on Scully's. Don't misunderstand me, I AM a shipper, but I suspect that had Scully died on the spaceship, Mulder would be dead too. I don't have this idea clear, but maybe they are one alien who was divided in two and one part can't live without the other My suggestion is, write a fanfic where they discover more weird connections about their past and find out they are ONE E.B.E.

Thanks to Quim for this challenge.

Dialogue Challenge
The challenge is to make sound waves from lines and words from the episodes and piece them together to make whole episode or at least just a scene from one. This would involve writing a script using phrases from the eps. and then taking them from tapes or off the internet and putting them together.

Thanks to Amy for this challenge!

The Mulder's Mysterious Bed Challenge
Write a story about how Mulder (and Scully) explain the sudden presence of a bedroom/ bed that has appeared in Mulder's apartment with neither having any concious memory or how it got there.

Thanks to Chaya for this challenge!

Vegas Version Challenge
Write a story with different takes on what could happen with or to Mulder and Scully while in Las Vegas, Nevada. Any genre will work.

Thanks to Renee for this challenge!

The Drunk Challenge
Mulder/Scully gets drunk and one or both of them admits they love the other.

Thanks to Kathleen for this challenge!

A Fowl Kiss
I'd like to see a story centering around the spoilers that we've been given about in this upcoming episode, The Fowl one kisses Mulder. This story should most deffinetly be a MSR, if it were ending with NC-17 stuff that would be great. Say Scully caught them kissing, (actually, I should say Fowley kissing Mulder, cause we all know he wouldn't do that, right? :) And Scully confronts Mulder on their relationship.

Thanks to Sherrie for this challenge.

Vampire Love
After a case involving vampire-like people, Scully is encountered by a real vampire in the woods one night. Their eyes meet and the vampire falls in love with her. She doesn't get that connection. After leaving the area they are investigating, the vampire follows Scully back to DC to persue and seduce her. You can throw Mulder in here if you would like, but it's not a MSR, definetely a Scully/other romance.

Thanks to Allie for this challenge.

Psychotic Kidnappers
Scully is kidnapped by a psycotic man who's into weird sorts of tourture (Nothing really SICK, just strange, just stuff like dressing girls up, or making them dance, tieing them up and whatnot, kinda weird in a sense) and Mulder has to save her. Have a story that tells about both characters and what they are going through. Throw in Scully's cross somewhere. MAJOR SCULLY/MULDER agnst, and just for kicks and giggles, throw Skinner in there too.

(Optional) Also ScullyTourture.

Thanks to Kimmi and Hunter for this challenge.

Safe Vault Challenge
The Syndicate, realizing the Apocalypse is at hand, abducts Mulder and Scully and puts them in a safe vault. They wake up after the entire population of earth has been destroyed, with the instructions that they must procreate to start a new race. RST is, of course, a must!

Thanks to for this challenge!

The Congo Crossover Challenge
It is a Congo (michael chrighton novel) / x-files crossover. Picture the team going back into the Congo to try and salvage some evidence of the creatures existance. Mulder and Scully are brought along (mainly cause they investigtate stuff lie this) the other main characters in congo should be involved and it MUST be an MSR.

Thanks to for this challenge!

Cabin Fever Challenge
Although it's not very original, someone should write a fanfic about Mulder and Scully being stranded in a cabin in the woods overnight.

Thanks to Suzie for this challenge!

Partner from the Past
A Mulder/other or Scully/other past partner. There is a new x-file or fbi case that "other" has the top expertise in the field to help Mulder/Scully on the case, and Mulder/Scully gets irrationally jealous at all the time that gets spent with this new person and ends up having to explain pent up feelings for Mulder/Scully. also the element of manipulation on the part of "other" to get back into Mulder/Scully's life can be introduced as well as "the one that got away" can be introduced by Mulder/Scully. Lots of angst here.

For example, in my story that's still in the works,pre-sason 5 its a mulder/other. where mulder has an old collegue from violent crimes that has to help on a case. Scully hates her immediately.

Thanks to Bryce for this challenge!

Love Him and Leave Him Challenge
Scully is up set with Mulder, after he leaves her, again(for her own good of course (like she can't take care of herself).Anyway, Scully is feed up and desides to get back at him by leaving him.

Thanks to for this challenge!

The Old Boyfriend Challenge
Scully and Mulder work with her old boyfriend, who's a detective. Mulder's jealous,and disagrees with whatever the detective says, and sees the man hiding evidence when Scully isn't around. She asks him anyways because she doesn't think Mulder would lie, but he denies it. Mulder later sees the man talking with CGB/CSM , and once againhe tells scully but she doesn't believe him. He ends up confessing his feelings for her, and she doesnt think he'd lie. She tries to find out for herself though, and she disappears. The detective and Mulder fight, Mulder goes to the gunmen for help etc. UST, then RST.

Thanks to for this challenge!

The Haircut Challenge
"What if Scully cut Mulder's hair for him?" Maybe Mulder mentions something about getting a hair cut to Scully and she offers to cut it for him, so she invites him over and... it would definiteley be MSR and alot of UST and maybe even RST. I just thought that would be a cute story.

Thanks to EJ for this challenge!

The X-Files/The Matrix Crossover Challenge
I just saw The Matrix and the first thing that I thought was I'd love to read an X-Files/Matrix crossover'. That would be the ultimate X-File. There could be a Mulder/Scully, Mulder/Trinity, Scully/Neo, or Neo/Trinity romance involved.

Thanks to Jamie for this challenge!

The X-Files/Ally McBeal Crossover Challenge
I just seen the last Ally McBeal with the Practice has guest. So in my little mind I though how about an X-Files/Ally McBeal crossover. Put some romance in it, we could have some great scene in the unisex restroom. If you want any members of the Ally show could have a crush on Mulder or Scully, you choose.

Thanks to Flash for this challenge!

Guess Who Got Married, Mr Skinner
This should be a FanFic about the marriage of Mulder and Scully while they still work on the X-Files. They will have gotten married in secret without anyone AT ALL finding out about it. Then some type of minor or major calamity should cause their closest friends(Skinner or Mrs. Scully) to find out but not everyone. Story should have a happy ending. Definite MSR perhaps some angst.

Thanks to Keith for this challenge!

Post Three of a Kind
Imagine the Lone Gunman freaking out at Scully's behavior to the point where they must call Mulder for help. So it's Mulder who walks into that bar and not Frohike. Mulder goes postal and Scully in her altered state spills her lovesick guts! And since it all takes place in a hotel there should be no problem working in a little smut!

Thanks to tonnaree for this challenge!

Colonization Representetive
The story line is as follows: the earth is being threatened by colonization, and a few people from earth are selected as embassadors to represent earth and one of thems Mulder. Rules are Mulder must choose to go and never come back or stay w/ Scully on earth. Major Angst. Mulder can go on the mission or stay. Its whatever you want. Defenite UST/RST. MSR all the way. Thanks to Max Fenig42 for this challenge!

Not Playing with a Fool Deck
Mulder and Scully are investigating some kidnappings(you make details) when they meet a person that is a Fool(jester or joker). He should help them solve the case by giving them obscure hints. Scully should suspect him immediately as the kidnapper(but it isn't him). Mulder probably think's he's an alien or something. Fool should also play practical jokes on the two that shove them together in awkward situations which scream romance. Very little angst or none at all. Let's keep it light.

Thanks to Keith for another good challenge!

Love is in the Air Challenge
Unbeknownst to either Mulder or Scully, cigarette-man pumps in an powerful aphrodisiac into thier office air supply. Hmmmm. Could be fireworks! The desk and the closet are a few possibilities I've considered. (All this being monitored by the cancer man on hidden camera?)

Thanks to Lily for this challenge!

Kidnap Switch Challenge
Have you ever noticed how when Mulder is stalked/attacked/kidnaped, it's usually by some serial killer who wants revenge for something Mulder has done as an FBI agent (example, Pusher). But when Scully is stalked/attacked/kidnaped, it's because she's a beautiful woman (examples Donnie Pfaster, and Mulder's next-door neighbor). The idea of the story is to switch the roles...Mulder is stalked because he's a sexy hunk, or Scully is kidnaped by some guy she sent to jail. Have fun (especially with the sexy hunk idea)!

Thanks to Kate for this challenge!

The Dirty Dancing Challenge
If any of you have seen the movie "Dirty Dancing" with Patrick Swayzeand Jennifer Gray, you'll know that they do some kick-ass dancing. So put Mulder and Scully in their places, for an event of your choosing, like an FBI talent show or a charity event that the FBI sponsors, whichever. But you can use some of the moves from the movie, but rent the movie first. You can email me for the lyrics to the songs on the soundtrack.

Thanks to Lil Miss Mulder for this challenge!

Emily In the Family Challenge
Since I'm such a sap and I loved Emily Sim, I'm desperate for someone to write a story as Mulder, Scully, and Emily as a family trying facing everyday struggles.(eg: Who's going to take Emily to soccer practice...who'sgoing to help her with her homeowrk...etc...) I was thinking that somehow someone brings Emily back to Scully after Mulder and her become romantically involved and although Emily is used to Scully, she has to get used to Mulder...then maybe Scully gets pregnant and Emily has to adjust to that, orsomething along those lines...Chocolate Mulders to anyone who accomplishes this assignment! :)

Thanks to Allie for the challenge!

Scar Tissue Challenge
The challenge would be for a story where we see Scully stitching up Mulder's arm in a hotel bathroom (minor fleshwound). His shirt is off and they argue over the causes and dates of his various scars, and it goes from there in whatever direction you so choose.

Thanks to Rachel for this challenge!

Rossendale Challenge
Jen writes:

"I live in a small town in Rossendale (NW England) which, never mind Roswell, really is the UFO capital of the world. My challenge is to write a story where Mulder and Scully go to investigate these sightings (not any particular one, there are too many for that). Preferably, it should contain some MSR, but this isn't necessary, and it should also be recognisable as the Rossendale, or at least Lancashire, area. As most people won't even have heard of Bacup, never mind been there, e-mail me for info if you want to try."

So thanks to Jen, and if you want to email her, you can contact her at

The Bureau and the Baby Challenge

"We all know that the M&S relationship has always been a speculation and topic among their colleagues. Now that Mulder is missing/gone while Scully is pregnant, what would people in the bureau think? Obviously her pregnancy is progressing well and showing, people aren't blind, how do you think Scully would reacted to questions thrown to her regarding the child's father ? "

Thanks to Maya for this challenge!

Return from the Antarctic Challenge

Do you ever wonder how mulder and scully got back from Antarctica. What did they say to each other. Major Mulder/Scully angst and add in when Mulder gives Scully back her cross.

Thanks to Ashley for this challenge!