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Marita to appear in "Requiem", the Season Seven finale!

I am so psyched. What more can I say.

Marita shines in "One Son"!

As you can probably tell from some of the quotes below, Marita has never been the most well-liked character on "The X-Files". Even I, her humble webmistress, was more in love with her potential than with what I actually saw on the screen. The Powers That Be never did anything interesting with her character, and they certainly didn't make the most of Laurie Holden's acting abilities.

But her few brief scenes in "One Son" (see photo below) changed all that. Fans were thrilled with her performance, and in an episode filled with memorable moments, her scenes are among those that had an emotional impact that people can't forget. This emotion has been translated into a burst of excellent Marita fanfic, archived below, along with older works.

"It is refreshing to see that a blonde and beautiful woman will be playing an important role in the series. I hope that 1013 plans to increase her importance in the mytharc. We need to have women typically seen as "bimbos" break that stereotype and prove that sultry women can be more than sex symbols.
She will be an excellent role model for professional women everywhere."

"As it is, she's NOT mysterious and inscrutable. She's a dull caricature. She's a paper doll. If the fans are suspecting she's a clone, it's not because they've glimpsed a serial number behind her ear. She's a robotic performer on auto-vamp."

"She's a lone woman in the consortium which is dominated by men with OLD ideas. She was probably a waitress that one of them discovered in a bar somewhere, hired her as a secretary and by the force of sheer will and sexuality climbed (or whatever) her way into this position. A woman surviving in a man's world -- but she's got grit, too."

"WHAT!!! Even Natasha Fatale got to call Boris a fool once in a while!
What has this chick done to make you think she has GRIT, or even
competence? She's constantly looking over her shoulder. And that
slight nod to fear is as far as her emotional range goes, I'm afraid.
There is NOTHIN going on inside this lady. She's a crashing clueless
BORE! I show more grit dealing with squirrels at the bird feeder."

"Why is it a problem that Marita wears satin nightgowns or attractive suits? It doesn't make her any less an informant. You know what I think? People are threatened by her attractiveness because they see her as competition to Scully. Like a TV show can't have more than one strong, attractive woman on it? Now that's sexist!!"

"She's a ROBOT! She's animatronic! If they give this person an interesting storyline, she'll ONLY throw it away with both hands. She'll deliver every dramatic line in a sultry monotone. She's like Mulder in a blonde wig!"



"She's the Stepford Spy! She's run by gadgets and wires. If she has to
modulate her voice or vary in her emotions, little wheelie things break
inside her and smoke pours out of little orifices in her skinoid!"

"Marita could cure cancer, Scully's cancer no less, and I would be staring at her eyebrows thinking, do they ever move? How can she speak without moving her facial muscles? Is she on muscle relaxants? What gives?"

"You have access to theeeezzzze beeezzzzz?"

"I still think she's about as sultry as a dishrag."

"I think we should all stop bashing Marita. If we're lucky, she'll serve as Mulder's training wheels for a real relationship. Heaven knows he needs someone to give him a strong push in the right direction. She
seems like the perfect choice."

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Episodes in which Marita Covarrubias has appeared:

(Links go to Tiny Dancer's X-Files Episode Guide, a treasure trove of information.)

Marita Fanfic:

"Absence of Sun", "Andante", "Between Bites", "Hallway", "Maybe Marigolds", "The Reward", and "The Sea and the Serpent" are all set post-"One Son". Once again, some links have gone missing, but most stories without links can be found at The Gossamer Archive; just search under author or title.

Dusk and Dawn -- by Dragan Antulov

Island in the Sun -- by Dragan Antulov

Moving Pictures -- by Dragan Antulov

Cold -- by DBKate

Love in a Leather Bar -- by FowlFire (special Marita BADFIC!)

Choices -- by Judy Gayle

Andante -- by Anne Haynes

Bishop's Lament -- by Julie L. Jekel

The Reward -- by CiCi Lean

The Sea and the Serpent -- by CiCi Lean

Stairway to Heaven -- by Loligo

Marita's Plan -- by Medina

The Protege -- by Medina

Welcome to My Parlour -- by Medina

Absence of Sun -- by Megan

Rainbow Connection -- by Emily Miller

They Love Thee Not -- by MustangSally

Iolokus I -- by MustangSally and RivkaT

Hallway -- by J. Nowicki

Marita (a song parody) -- by Portia

Marita: The Sequel (another song parody) -- by Portia

Between Bites -- by Laura Sorensen

Reluctant Ambition -- by Garry Sykes

Mirror'd -- by Hong Te

NC-17 With Slash on the Side I -- by Hong Te

NC-17 With Slash on the Side II -- by Hong Te

Maybe Marigolds -- by Elise Tobler (MissElise)

The image below was created by Julie Jekel for her stories listed above -- I've included it here because it seems appropriate for so many of the stories.


Learn more about Laurie Holden (the actress who plays Marita) at the Internet Movie Database!

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