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WHOA!! Tragedy strikes. Vext - shot down as of ish 6! Bummer! Do what you can, guys. If you're a fan, then bombard 'em with mail telling them you're interested in one-shots or a mini, or even cameos in other books (it's worth a shot). Let's at least make sure that Keith, Mike, Kevin et al know without a shadow of a doubt that this series was appreciated - nay, loved. :)

VEXT! A six-issue DC series written by Keith Giffen and pencilled by Mike McKone. Issue #1 hit stores in January '99 and it's cool.

Vext is (so far) the latest in a long line of oddball DC projects destined to fail (Chase, Chronos, Creeper, Aztek, Major Bummer, etc). But as readers of any of those late books will attest, just because a book is cancelled doesn't mean it isn't good. Thus, having greatly enjoyed Vext, I wish it could have had a longer life.

So ... without further bollocksing about:
B.o.M.I.! Probably the web's first Vext fansite (having come online two days after #1's [American] release). Hope y'all enjoy your stay.

Meet the Cast of Vext - if you want to.
What happened in #1 (and #2 [and #3 {and, uh, actually ... 4-6 too}])?
Giffen? McKone? Who are they?
VEXTal Statistics

Questions? Comments? Email appreciated.

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