Here is a poem that has been a favorite of mine for years.  I hope it becomes one for you.



From the blood of Medusa
Pegasus sprang.
His hoof of heaven
Like melody rang.
His whinny was sweeter
Than Orpheus' lyre.
The wing on his shoulder
Was brighter than fire.

His tail was a fountain.
His nostrils were caves.
His mane and his forelock
Were musical waves.
He neighed like a trumpet.
He cooed like a dove.
He was stronger than terror
And swifter than love.

He could not be captured.
He could not be bought.
His rhythm was running,
His standing was thought.
With one eye on sorrow
And one eye on mirth,
He galloped in heaven
And gamboled on earth.

And only the poet
With wings to his brain
Can mount him and ride him
Without any reins.
The stallion of heaven.
The steed of the skies.
The horse of the singer,
Who sings as he flies.

To see a few of the pictures I have collected, click on one of the following buttons:

Pegasus B/W Scetch 1

Pegasus B/W Scetch 2

Pegasus B/W Scetch 3

Sprit of summer
Pegasus in ball
Pegasus in the Universe
Tranquil Pegasus and rider Pegasus in flight

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