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v Cascadura
           ( or "Cascadoo" )

   "Those who eat the cascadura will,
the native legend says,
wheresoever they may wander
end in Trinidad their days."*
Samuel Selvon,"Johnson and the Cascadura" (1957)
I do not know whether this is actually the way this superstition is phrased, but Selvon is one of my favourite Trinbagonian authors and I always liked the way he said it in this short story. The cascadura is a fresh water fish found in Trinidad covered with many scales. I don't know how everyone else likes it, but I absolutely love it curried. You can guess that I've probably had enough of it to guarantee I'll be ending my days in Trinidad even if only to die.
 I'm not sure if this applies to Tobago, for two reasons. My older sister (the resident zoologist) says there probably isn't cascadoo in Tobago. Additionally, the superstition may have been founded in a time before the island of Tobago was joined to Trinidad. If anyone reading this knows better PLEASE contact me so I can amend this.

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