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Xanth is a seiries novels written by the great author, Piers Anthony.

Xanth is a world like ours with one exception, magic. The people of this land are born with a magic talent, some usefull, some not so. Most talents are spot on the wall kinda stuff, not very important. But some, lucky Xanthans are given a talen of Magician caliber. Only a magician can rule as king, and only a king can rule the people.

Xanth is a magical land where imaginations rule. With Kings and Queens, Fairys and Gnomes, Goblins and Centaurs, Dragons and Mermaids, Elves and Ogres. The list goes on to cover every mithological creature ever thought of, all that exist, have existed, and will exist from the begining of time to the end of time.

The asortment of things you will find on this site are too numerous to list here, so, explore, learn and have fun.

Why dont I let one of the residents of Xanth describe Xanth in his own words...



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Eye live inn the Land of Xanth, witch is dis-stinked from Mundaina inn that their is magic inn Xanth and nun inn Mundania. Every won inn Xanth has his own magig talent; know to are the same. Sum khan sore threw the heir. Butt inn Mundania know won does magic, sew its very dull. They're are knot any dragons their. Instead their are bare and hoarse and a grate many other monsters. Hour ruler is King Trent, whoo has rained four seventeen years. He transforms people two other creatures. Know won gets chaste hear; oui fair inn piece. My tail is dun."

(Taken form book 4, "Centaur Aisle" Pg.14)

(Piers Anthony)


Heh, he spells like me! ;-)

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