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All links are categorized in these themes:

Fantasy art

Airbrush art

Photography art

Models, Dancers, Shows and Agents

Comix art

Misc. art

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Fantasy art:

Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell's OFFICIAL page!
Rowena's OFFICIAL page! Art for sale.
Thumbnail Picture Index Mike Duffs Boris Pictures.
Paul Butvila great fantasy artist.
Varian's Inadequate resource page for Boris Vallejo.
Boris Vallejo file index in the UK.
Vampi's Fantasy link page.
Kenny & Ruths nice pages, many fantasy artists, pictures & links.
Fantasy art Nice Fantasy art pictures.
Large collection Fantasy / Sci-Fi art links from Slawek Wojtowicz.
Chris Sorels fantasy art & book pages.
Lothlorien Fantasy gallery.
Fantasy & Erotic art links.
Jaap van Deijks fantasy art & link pages.
Michaela Nastasias own great fantasy art.
Lair of the Ravager Fantasy artist of the month.
Mats Jarnhammars Fantasy art, e.g. Boris.
Andy's Homepage Boris & HR Giger art.
Lenny's Page with Boris & Julie art links.
Les Evans own great fantasy art.
Reaver Tong's Julie Bell page.
Boomer - artist of the next century and beyond.
MadMans pages with Boris.
Randy's Fantasy artists with pictures.
The Rucker homepage, nice fantasy art.
Glass Onion Graphics Great fantasy art pages.
Fantasy Realism Dynamic Skyscapes by Hurst.
Craig Jennion's Illustrations and paintings.
Mordor Fantasy art and Game gallery.
Leffe's fantasy and erotic art.
Francois Escalmel great fantasy art.
Lair 2000 Fantasy and dragon art pages.
Pax Nidorf Fantasy art pages.
Pinups Various pinup artists.
Fantasy art ScreenSaver, shareware.
Alrin Fantasy realm.
Taboo After Midnight dark fantasy art.
Richard Hescox nice art pages.
Francois Miville Deschenes fantasy art.
Stone fantasy art.
Unreal art in motion.
KRT65's fantasy art page.
Fairy and Fantasy art gallery.
Fantasy art by Richard Markham.
W/P Fantasy art by Wayne.
Great site with art by Alfredo Lopez Jr.
Gallery pages with nice Fantasy art.
Kama Sutra paintings.
Scotty's Futurefetish and erotic gallery.
Tallulah's Classical nude paintings and galleries.
Photofantasies erotic fantasy images.
Alan Rabinowitz great fantasy illustrations.

Airbrush art:

Heavy Metal magazine with many Fantasy/Airbrush artists.
Juergen Werner has fine Royo art.
Kenny & Ruths nice pages, many good artists, pictures & links.
J.W. Baker Freelance airbrush artist, nice animals.
Yoichi Nakagawa Airbrush artist, sexy girls & toons.
TY-Oerny Lot's of airbrush CD-Roms.
Akira Yokoyama Nice paintings.
Air Jammers World Of Airbrushing Nice pages with info, competitions, bulletin & message board
Airbrush online.
Dru Blair airbrush artist.
Visionary Worlds of Maui.
Kelewan's Luis Royo Gallery.
Airbrush Art by Wildlife & Marine Artist Royce B. McClure.
Hobbylinc airbrush pages.
Large collection of artist links from Slawek Wojtowicz.
Airtistix nice work.
Lasses Motivlackering Swedish airbrush artist.
Iguana Graphix airbrush artist.
Dan Testen artist.
Jennifer Janesko's great pin-up art.
Ants Airbrush and Graphic's page.
MadMan's Luis Royo page.
Artist Angelo's nice airbrush page.
Janine's airbrush page.
Joakim Eklunds airbrush page.
Airbrush info and art by Steven McPeak.
Outback airbrushing.
Drew airbrush pages.
Airbrushing central...
Doc's Dementia airbrush pages.
Carlo D'Alessio airbrush pages.
Something in the air-brush, art by Mark Wilkinson
Richard Markham good airbrush art in pin-up style
Johan Pluister good Formula 1 airbrush art
Smiths' Custom Painting of Motorcycles
Ken Martins' Airotica art pages
Stuart Hughes airbrush art page
Forced air N.W. by Don Boddeker
Yves Plateau pin-up airbrush pages.
Carlos Cartagena art page dedicated to his great pin-up art.
Official site of my friend Carlos Cartagenas pin-up art.
Bad Dog Designs great airbrush page.
Mehtola Motivlack nice Swedish airbrush artist.

Comix art:

Eros Comix, a publisher with famous (and less famous) adult comics.
Penthouse Comix another publisher of adult comix.
Lumenagerie Michael Manning's work.
Kenny & Ruth good art pages with pictures & links.
SpoonToons cool animated adult comix
Milo Manara's Home Page. A great adult comic artist.
Yoichi Nakagawa Artist, sexy girls & toons.
MaleGaze Erotic comic Batchick & Miss Impossible.
The Eros Hawk Comic Web Site, by artist Steven Bove.
Large collection of artist links from Slawek Wojtowicz.
Bethlehem Steel some pics of Beth.
Vampirella pictures and other Vampi stuff.
Horacio Altuna comic Antena page.
This DJ a comic by Mike Nice.
Jimu's art Nice Erotic cartoons by Jimu.
SyxPak comic link page.
Yves Plateau comic artwork pages.

Photography art:

Jeanloup Sieff.
The Atlanta Photography Group LinkPage.
RPJ Ent. Erotiqus photography pages.
Robert Alvarez - Verolites.
Afterglow Erotic Photography.
Roger Sundberg - glamour photography.
Peninsulabranch Photography.
Horst Werner Erotic Photography.
John Gerecht's Photography work.
Model & Glamour Portfolios.
StoneWolf Phot-GrafX.
UK photographer glamour and artistic nudes.
GlamourSoft nice pages...
Glamour Spotlight magazine.
David Reeves - photography
Marc Odley's Photo gallery.
Bodytalk Michael Vahle's gallery.
Princess Sheeba's darkroom gallery.
Blum's Photo gallery.
Dan McCormack's Photo gallery.
Ronn Dunnett's Photo gallery.
Vintage MALE physique photography.
Insomnia Gallery Gennadis Balitski's photography.
Berkshire Studio Club Photographic club.
John Carey Hampshire, Boston photographer.
Dahmane's own official site.
R. P. photographic nice photography pages.
Chapapeela Robert Bahams nice Photography.
Tim Phillips Women & Landscape Photography.
Simon Starkwell good photography pages.
Female of the Species nice photography by Paul.
Ashley Redding - good photographer friend.
BCW Studios - Bob Witt's photographer pages.
Creations Models - Carlifornia photographer and model pages.
Surreal photography - with a erotic touch by Alva.
Ahura Azan - Presentation of a portfolio of emotions.
Ayhan Duman - Photographer with a fantasy touch.
Erick Seban-Meyer - Great Fashion Photographer.
Photographer Aat Vuik - Many nice gallery pages.
Bildermann - Many good photo gallery pages.
Clean Fine Art - Nice site and good artistic galleries.
Ondrea Barbe - New York Photographer, flash site.
Glamour Image, Australian Photography and Models.
Fetish Fantasy, German fetish with shop as well.
Art of desire, fine art erotic photography

Models, Dancers, Shows and Agents:

Linda Andersson, Swedish model.
Tricia Wilds, playboy model.
Girls Undercover, Models, Dancers, NightClub Shows.
Hungarian Models, Model management.
Anna Lieb, Swedish model.
Photomodels from the Czech Republic.
Modeldream Model agencies and Photographers
Sara Nicole Cameron New Model Site from Sweden

Misc art:

Raffi a great artist.
Large collection of artist links from Slawek Wojtowicz.
The Angelus of Dark's own artwork.
Lana's pages with her own art.
HJ McKinney's Portfolio Page.
Gallery by Bart Kleijn.
Pictograph by Leigh Christian.
Cool art by Duncan.
Philip Gray erotic drwawings and digital art.
The Baby art web site by Trevor.
Don Lemmon nutrtion consultant to top physique stars.

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