RIFTS 2002 Character Classes

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As if you couldn't guess, I didn't draw this. Odd that.

OCC = Occupational Character Class

RCC = Racial Character Class

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Apologies for the terrible formatting... this is what happens when you quickly convert Word documents to HTML... sorry. If I can ever be bothered, I'll make it look nice. Until then, you'll have to make do.

Bear in mind that not all OCC's are compatible with the RCC's... for example Dog Boys have their own RCC skills, and Fennodi can only be a limited selection of OCC's.

For those of you not actually in this campaign, this is the OCC / RCC list for this years Rifts game.

09/01/02 12.32am
As you can see, the lists have now been formatted into tables, so they look nicer. It's all about aesthetics isn't it? *sighs*

Warrior OCC's

OCC Description
Borg: Cybernetic killing machines
Bounty Hunter: "Dead or alive you're coming with me"
Crazy: Warrior with mental implants - and tendencies
Cyber-Knight: Valiant psychic heroes
Freelance Spy: Secret agent with no allegiance
Gunfighter: Mercenary with mastery of the gun
Gunslinger: Desperado assassin - with mastery of the gun
Headhunter Anti-Robot Specialist: Merc who specialises in robot neutralisation
Headhunter Techno-Warrior: Cybernetically enhanced mercenary
Headhunter Techno-Hound: Mercenary with a penchant for technology
Headhunter (Momano): Bionic Merc who hunts the supernatural
Juicer: Chemically augmented warrior
Juicer Assassin: Juicer-class who kills for a living
Juicer Scout: Juicer-class forward observation expert
Juicer (Hyperion): An even FASTER Juicer
Juicer (Mega): The last word in chemical augmentation
Juicer (Phaeton): Juicer with advanced piloting reflexes
Juicer (Titan): Extremely powerful Juicer
Justice Ranger: Judge, jury and executioner
Saddle Tramp: Nomadic vagabond of the New West
Special Forces: Highly trained soldier
Super-Spy: Secret agent with a little bit extra
Wired Gunslinger: Cybernetic gun-toting psycho-varmint

Adventurer OCC's

OCC Description
Body Fixer: A doctor by any other name
City Rat: Low-life dreg from one of the few cities
Cyber-Doc: Doctor specialising in cybernetics
Forger: Crafts fake items for a living
Operator: Mechanic extraordinaire
Professional Gambler: Professional high-stakes roller
Professional Thief: "Come out, taffer"
Rogue Scholar: Thirsts for knowledge
Rogue Scientist: Hungers for science
Safecracker: Knows a thing or two about safes
Smuggler: Can get you almost anything, at a price
Wilderness Scout: Future frontiersman

Supernatural OCC's

OCC Description
Burster: Psionic with fire-based abilities
Battle Magus: Mage specialising in combat
Conjurer: Can literally pull rabbits from hats
Grey Seer: Powerful mystical seer
Ley Line Walker: Just yer basic magic user
Mind Melter: Super-powerful psionic
Mystic: Psionic mage who 'acquires' spells
Psi-Druid: Psionic with a link to nature
Psi-Ghost: Psionic with powers of infiltration
Psi-Slinger: Psionic gunman - energy manipulator
Psi-Stalker: Mutant human who feeds on psychic energy
Psi-Tech: Psionic mechanic
Sea Inquisitor: Supernatural hunter with an iron will
Shifter: Mage specialising in summoning
Techno-Wizard; Combines magic and technology
Warlock: Commands the elements to do their bidding
Zapper; Energy-controlling psionic


RCC Description
Aarden Tek: Large nosed aliens with enhanced smell
Azverkan: Possess "true vision" - sensing the supernatural
Bearman: Huge aggressive bear-like people
Battle Cat: Mutant cat / psychic detector
Cactus Person: D-Bee's who look like… cacti
Changeling: Shapeshifting creatures who don't like salt
Coyle: Wolf-like creatures - like smaller Wolfen
Dog Boy: Mutant dog / psychic detector
Dog Boy (Feral): Mutant dog born outside of Coalition control
Dwarf: Diminutive alcoholic miners
Elf: Arrogant pointy-eared jesters
Fennodi: Peaceful travellers - "Quiet Walkers"
Grackle Tooth: Powerful crocodilian chain-smokers
Greot Hunter: Sinister predatory reptilians
Gromek: Huge scaly psychopaths
Human: Hmm… ape descendants with a sense of superiority
Larmac: Lazy Psi-Cola™ guzzlers
Mastandonoid: Mammoth-like giants
Mutant Rat: Bipedal rat with plenty of cunning
N'mbyr Gorilla Man: Fighters with berserk tendencies
Noli Bushman: Friendly green "bean-hair" D-Bee's
Octoman: Octopus-like mechanically minded aliens
Orc: "Hi! I'm cannon fodder!"
Psi-X Alien: Human mutants straight out of Roswell
Quick Flex: Jumpy aliens almost as fast as a Juicer
Simvan Monster Rider: Gets on great with animals - but few others
Tirrvol Sword Fist: Cyclopean blade-wielders
Trimadore: Long-necked mechanics
Ugakwa Explorer: Inter-dimensional explorer with advanced technology
Vanguard Brawler: Thugs from another world
Wolfen: Bipedal wolf creatures who like Gladiator
Yeno: Energy manipulating badasses

A metamorphed Dragon.



Note that I might allow something else from the myriad of Rifts books, so long as it's not a power armour pilot, Dragon or Glitter Boy (to mention just a few)…

Here are some statistics to keep you amused…

Total OCC's = 52
Total RCC's = 32
Total character choices = 84
Total character potential = 1664 (approx)
Mistaken potential = 191,991,813,900,000 (!)

So even with these 'few' character selections you have a choice of over 1600 character combinations (I originally worked it out to be almost 192 billion, but that’s a different story). Don't say I don't do anything for you. Apart from work out boring statistics.

Character Notes

Starting Level: 2 - plus 10% to go towards Level 3
Restricted Alignments: Anarchist, Miscreant, and Diabolic (if you have a good enough character idea I may ignore this - however, I have discovered these alignments do not work well in groups)
Equipment: Weapons and possibly armour may be restricted depending on the OCC / RCC selected
Vehicle: Each player may have an individual vehicle (if OCC permits), or may elect to possess a single 'group' vehicle. A group vehicle will be better than an individual one.

Recommended OCC's

OCC Reasoning
Ley Line Walker / Other Magic OCC: Mages have very diverse capabilities
Mind Melter / Other Psionic PCC: Psionic powers are highly formidable
Dog Boy / Psi-Stalker: Supernatural detection is always useful
Cyber Knight: Powerful warriors and good against technology
Techno-Wizard: It helps to have infinite ammo J
Operator: When tech goes wrong, these guys can fix it
Borg / Headhunter / Bounty Hunter: Sometimes might does make right

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