CLASSIC CATFIGHTS: Sophia Loren vs. Raquel Welch by TNT

"Don't call yourself a star, lady, you just don't have real class," the sophisticated brunette woman rasped in an accented voice as she tightened her chokehold on her victim.

"Uhhhhh...umppppfhhh!" her equally stunning auburn-tressed opponent groaned and gasped as she struggled in her rival's powerful grip. Feeling her legs begin to weaken, she clawed frantically for her rivals gorgeous, perfectly groomed hair.

"You fool! How could you let yourself get into this position?" Raquel berated herself as Sophia's arm tightened, increasing the pressure on her neck. Her fingers tugging viciously, angrily, in the California starlet's luxurious auburn hair.

"Stop struggling, unless you want me to strip you naked!" Sophia warned as she felt Raquel's luscious body seemingly weaken further. How she wanted to humiliate this beautiful wench that had burst on the movie set. Both women were gorgeous. Famous. Jealousy came with the territory. Each had reason to want to pull each others' hair out. Just for the spirit of womanly competition and rivalry if for no other reason. Raquel gladly took on "sexy" exciting roles. Parts that the sophisticated lovely Sophia would never dream of doing. Both were sex goddesses in their own right.

Insults, taunts, catty remarks and insinuating barbs had been exchanged between the two for months when Raquel decided to pay Sophia a personal visit to "discuss" their differences in the Hollywood style, "ladylike" way.

"Come on in." "Pray tell, what brings you to my doorstep, Miss Wench, I mean Miss Welch, isn't it?" Sophia had said as she opened the door to find her rival flashing her beautiful eyes at her.

"What the hell did you just call me?" Raquel snarled.

Raquel's hot, fiery temper had gotten her into trouble before like earlier when she'd had a 'for real' spat with Martine Beswick. Now, Raquel was still incredibly sore; tired and drained from the little misunderstanding.

Sophia, not in the mood for nonsense, let alone a smart aleck rival, had tossed her drink in Raquel's face, temporarily blinding her vision, then buried her fingers in that famously luxurious hair and dragged her into her plush apartment. Long legs battled for dominance as high heels scuffled on the shag carpet trying to secure some sort of sure footing. Hard, fast kicks greeted tender shins as two gorgeous hellcats initiated their greetings with curses and angry promises of total destruction.

"Let go of me, bitch!" Raquel rasped as she strained against Sophia's strong arms. She couldn't believe how powerful the Italian beauty was as she felt the brunettes full, firm breasts flattening against her back. "Hmmmmmm, she must be enjoying this," Raquel mused as she felt Sophia's erect nipples. Raquel pictured herself tearing off Sophia's top and going after those fabulous full breasts she'd recently seen in a magazine picture of the beauty topless. She remembered thinking as she stared at the photo how thrilling it would be to really get her hands on them in a setting like, "One Million Years BC" Now, trapped in Sophia's tightening grip, Raquel laughed at how she'd rejected the idea of such a sophisticated, cultured beauty putting on a sexy animal skin bikini.

THUNK! "Uhhhhhhhh!" Sophia grunted as she felt her entire backside slam into a wall as Raquel moved back hard and fast in a desperate angry high powered move. "Arggggggh!" An incredibly hard elbow fired back, catching Sophia full in her left breast.

"Now lets play sweet stuff!" Raquel snarled as she spun around and fired her fist. KLUNK! Her hard, tight fist smacked into Sophia's chin snapping her head backwards into the wall. "How's this feel in the tummy?" Raquel snarled as she fired her fist into her rivals stomach.

RIPPPPPP! Raquel suddenly gasped as sharp fingernails dug into her shoulders, grabbed the back of her dress and ripped it down hard and fast. The thin fabric yielded instantly to Sophia's angry fingers; she was fulfilling her threat with pleasure as she scored the first point in the stripping game. Her stomach ached but not as much as her assailant would have wished.

"Arggggggh! My dress! You're tearing my dress," Raquel screamed as she grabbed at Sophia's hair. Sophia grabbed Raquel's wrists and jerked them painfully outwards as she raised her knee up hard and slammed it into Raquel's groin.

"In Italy, they teach us to fight for real, not Hollywood pretend garbage," Sophia snarled as she dropped her head and smacked it into Raquel's nose.

"AIIEEEEEE!" Raquel shrieked as blinding tears filled her eyes. Her vision had barely cleared from the burning cocktail her unfriendly host had treated her to.


"Your dress, it's loose as you, honeyyyyy," Sophia sneered as she released her painful grip on Raquel's wrists, grabbed the front of her dress and ripped it down. A lovely lace bra burst into view as Sophia grabbed a double handful of auburn hair. Raquel grabbed for her falling dress, then quickly decided to return the hair pull in like fashion.

"Gonna kill you," Raquel screamed as she tore furiously at Sophia's hair. They pushed and shoved each other into furniture as they continued screaming colorful names at each other.

"AAAAAAWCK!!" Sophia screamed as Raquel suddenly shot her foot out and tripped her sending her sprawling face first.

Raquel fired a kick to her rivals' ribs, then reached down with a smile. ZIPPPPPPPP! "Look who's stripping who!" the Hollywood sex symbol laughed as she quickly unzipped the back of Sophia's short tight dress. She tugged angrily at the dress, trying to pull it off of her struggling opponents' shoulders. "To hell with this," she shouted with angry frustration. She pulled at the dress with all her might and gleefully shouted out a victory yell as the dress gave way and came off in her determined grip.

"ARGGGGGH! #@$#%$# YOU," Sophia cursed as she felt herself suddenly stripped down to her bra and pantyhose.

Raquel was now on her back, bouncing up and down, screaming like a banshee and clawing at her hair, upper back, shoulders and arms. The brunette kicked wildly sending her heels flying as she tried to buck her opponent off.

"YIEEEEE-HAAAAA! Gonna ride you down 'n' strip you bare!" Raquel taunted as she reached around, grabbed Sophia's chin, jerked her head back then reached for her bra clasp with her free hand.

"Urrrrrrrkhh...unnnnhhhh..." With a groan of sheer fury and a burst of pent-up Italian vengeful energy, Sophia made it to her hands and knees, summoning every muscle in her lovely body, then she thrust up and sideways.

"NUHHHH...AHHHHHH!" Raquel groaned as she went flying.

Raquel had felt Sophia's bra give way the split second she started her flight, but it had been a very fleeting feeling of conquest as the incredibly hard and solid wall seemed to leap out at her head.

THUNK! (Tweeedle, tweet-tweet!) Small, brightly-colored birds sang strange, high-pitched music as they fluttered in Raquel's vision in a psychedelic technicolor display as an angry, loud, taunting voice assaulted her eardrums and two, very large, very lovely breasts jiggled erotically before her blurred eyes.

"Really? Did I strip that bitch topless?" Raquel wondered as she struggled to focus on the gorgeous Italian brunette who was pulling her to her feet by the hair.

"I hear you like to tussle woman to woman, you two-bit hussy," Sophia snarled as she shook Raquel's numb throbbing head from side to side.

"I don't mind a little woman-to-woman discussion either," Sophia rasped as she fired a perfect uppercut to Raquel's chin.

"Sorry, that was actually quite manly combat," Sophia apologized. "Here, this is much more womanly," she hissed as she treated Raquel to three blistering slaps; backhand, forehand and backhand again. Raquel heard loud ripping, tearing sounds and realized she was being stripped down to her bra, panties, stockings and garters.

"Aren't we hot stuff today, huh? You dress like a whore," Sophia said, assessing her opponent's choice of under garments. "But getting back to the womanly way of settling things..." she rasped a throaty, lusty snarl as she took in Raquel's exquisite beauty, her luscious body.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Raquel screamed as two hands shot forth, their hungry eager fingers grabbed her bras shoulder straps. Another protest graced Raquel's beautiful full sensuous pleading lips as she felt her bra slowly give way and yield itself to her angry rivals' intentions.

"Nice! Pretty and full," Sophia cackled. "Yes, a slutty sex-goddess for sure!"

Sophia reached out suddenly and latched onto the auburn-haired beauty's full breasts. She dug her fingers in deep and pressed her thumbs into Raquel's sensitive areola, scraping her nails against the rock hard fully erect nipples.

"Nooooo! Uhhhh...uhhhhhh....pleaseeeeee...." Raquel groaned and gasped, pain manifesting itself throughout her lower body as equal torment flooded her chest. Sophia's knee was making a rapid unwelcome repetitive introduction to her rivals groin as her fingers tortured Raquel's "pride 'n' joys."

"Lets see Miss Wench...oh, I mean Miss WELCH... do you prefer the woman's way to the man's way, huh dear?"

"YEOOOWWWW! I'm...uhhhhh... gonna...umppfhh... kill...uggghhh,!" Raquel gasped seemingly impotent threats between involuntary grunts and groans matching Sophia's open handed slaps to her full breasts and knees to her crotch.

"Honey, don't make promises you can't keep!" Sophia snarled as she grabbed a double handful of tousled reddish hair and used it to pull Raquel forward as she threw her toward a large coffee table.

Crash! Crack! Crunch! The beautiful actress hit the small table full force, her weight shattering it into pieces and sending the collection of fine, delicate, brick-a-brack dainties on it flying and crashing to the floor into hundreds of worthless pieces.

"Why you stupid, clumsy bitch, you're destroying my place!" Sophia exclaimed incredulously as she lunged toward her dazed, fallen rival, grabbed a handful of hair in one hand as she latched onto an erect nipple with the other.

"AIEEEEEEEE!" Raquel screamed as, once again, pain filled her body and she found herself flying, this time toward a sofa. "Whaaaaaa...Umppppfhh!" Raquel again hit full force; landing face first on the soft, plush, cushions. Sophia was on her in an instant, pounding her fists into Raquel’s back; smiling devilishly as she pressed her knee on her back to force her head down into the pillows as she began to taunt her weakening opponent, relishing in the sound of her muffled screams, yells and curses.

"My, my! I guess the rumors about you aren't true, you're no hellcat at all, no fiery tigress - you're just a mealy-mouthed weak-kneed, whimpering little pussycat!" Sophia teased as she held Raquel's head down with one hand, reached back and began snapping her garters with the other. She giggled as Raquel squirmed and wiggled as each stinging snap left a red welt on her gorgeous thighs!

The brunette kept her knee pressed hard into the small of Raquel's back, weakening her slowly bit-by-bit as she reached back and began tugging at the redhead’s panties, squeezing her tight cheeks then digging her sharp fingernails in and giving the fleshy mounds a slow, painful pinching. She watched her lovely prisoners neck flush red with anger and embarrassment she heard a string of vague, muffled, angry protests.

"Darling, I think we should continue this little party elsewhere," Sophia suggested. “You agree?” she asked rhetorically.

Then, before she knew what was happening, Raquel felt herself being yanked to her feet and led by the hair down a long hallway.

"Nooooooo...arggggggh! Uhhhhhhhh..." The Tiger spirit returned to the wounded tigress - only to be vanquished by a series of well-placed fists, a blistering bitchslap and then another painful introduction to a large brass doorknob. It was Raquel's' lower back that felt the impact of the cold metal, but it had been Sophia's surprising - almost linebacker-like - block put that put events in motion!

"You see my dear, I've been down this road many, many times!" Sophia purred. "So many young things; soooooo jealous of me. This woman-to-woman talking is rather fun; right Miss Wench?" Sophia's beautiful face broke into a smile of delight as she pulled Raquel away from the door and slammed her fist into her wounded back. Then Sophia put the groaning beauty in a headlock, she gave the fancy doorknob a twist and dragged Raquel over to a large bed. "Welcome to my special room, says the spider to the fly," Sophia continued. "Or rather, says the beauty to the wench!" Then Sophia executed a perfect judo flip that sent Raquel sprawling onto the bed.

"Nooooooo...Neverrrrr."Humiliation, pain and anger can fill a woman with energy; determined, explosive and mighty energy! Raquel suddenly felt invincible as she tightened her leg muscles and brought her knees up, then fired off an incredible double kick!

WHOOSH! "Awwwccck!" the approaching Sophia grunted and staggered, then stopped in her tracks from the blow as she leaned forward, her hands on her thighs sucking in air and grimacing.

Then Sophia steeled herself, both in mind and body. "Could've been worse, much worse, especially if she'd really connected," the Italian beauty thought. Her cat-like reflexes and years of catfighting experience - plus a touch of luck - had all gone in her favor. She had sidestepped, turning her hips just in time to avoid taking the brunt of Raquel's last ditch desperate kick full on her pussy. Instead, Raquel’s feet had slammed into her heavily muscled thigh and Sophia had managed to grab her by the ankles. Now, ignoring the pain in her own leg, Sophia was encouraged as her ears beheld the sweet sound of Raquel’s groaning screams and empty threats.

"Leggo my legs! My ankles, you're breaking my ankles!" Raquel wailed as Sophia dug her sharp nails deep into the soft part of her gorgeous captives' ankles as she dragged the cursing Raquel’s ass to the edge of the bed.

"Now Sophia, take her, take her down," the Italian beauty’s own words echoed the ones that had greeted her years and years earelier in her first catfight. That one had been over a man, a young man of course, and during the fight Sophia had lost not only her dignity, but most of her clothing! But pity her poor rival for that beauty had lost far more!

WHOOOMP! Raquel landed hard on the floor, her feet still clasped firmly in Sophia’s claws. She bounced once on her beautiful, luscious derriere. Long beautiful gorgeous legs, four to be exact flashed, blazed through the curse-filled air. Two found their intended target, wrapping around captured territory with precision; then squeezing with crushing power; going for a slow, well-deserved victory.

" ribs; you're crushing my ribs!" Raquel groaned as Sophia's python-like legs tightened around her waist.

"Enjoying this my lovely?" Sophia taunted as she heard her topless rivals labored, wheezing gasps for air as she added a bit of vengeful spice by reaching around from behind to capture Raquel's full beautiful breasts with both hands.

"Nooooo! Puh-leeez…leggo!" Raquel groaned as her weakened fingers scratched and pawed frantically at her captors' torturing thighs and hands.

"Stop! Enough of your whining, whimpering and squirming!" Sophia snapped gruffly; her beautiful, cat-like eyes taking on a venomous, victory-anticipating gleam as her hands suddenly left Raquel’s breasts and slid down her belly.

"YIEEEEE....ARGGGGHUMPPPFH!" Raquel's' bloodcurdling shriek was followed by a total body spasm, then her “defiant, resisting muscles" went slack and her body limp; the sign that Sophia's well-learned perfection of the "Italian catfight" secret had succeeded.

"Now, Miss Wench, lets play, OK dearie?" Sophia whispered in her barely whimpering, groaning rivals' ear. With a laborious grunt, Sophia grabbed her weak rival and lifted her onto the bed.

"Nooooooo...puh...pleeeeez....don't..." Raquel's weak and barely audible protests turned quickly to pleasured moans as Sophia's eager, hungry lips crushed hers roughly, then began lightly kissing, teasing at first, then hungrily engulfing the auburn-haired beauty's super-sensitive, rock-hard, erect nipples and her tingling breasts.

"You really are quite pretty,” Sophia admitted. “Though your arrogance and stupidity are an equal match for your looks," she whispered into her groaning captives' ears. "But enough about you; let's talk about me, and my pleasure," Sophia continued, smiling as she used torn stockings and garters to securely bind her conquest to the bedposts by her wrists and ankles.

"I do hope you know what's expected from you," Sophia chuckled as she walked over to the lights and switched them off. “But if necessary, I have everything I need to not only show you, but to compel your ‘cooperation.’ Spiteful giggles were heard followed by the whisper of nylons sliding down smooth silky legs. Then more giggles. "Now the pleasures of our little woman to woman talk," Sophia rasped as she climbed back onto the bed and slid her gorgeous, naked body up onto Raquel and assumed ‘the position.’ "Give me pleasure!"



"All this commotion-means work, and lots of it," the husky low voice quipped as the sound of a door opened. "My, just look at this mess; furniture destroyed," the lucky landlord bemoaned as he cautiously motioned his carpenter friend to follow him down the hall.

"It's Sophia! She's had another woman-to-woman chat with some lucky young starlet. Sounds like it's all being worked out though," he continued a smile creasing his face and that of his friend. "Don't get too close to the bedroom; we'll just listen to the sounds of victory from outside. We'll fix the place up for free later...again!" 1