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"We're Not Obsessed -- We're Focused"
--Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic (OBSSE)


Moving Day 2001

I've finally gone and done it -- I've bought myself a website for my fan fiction. Find me now at, a stylin' new slashfen-owned-and-operated neighborhood.

What's going: all my fiction, my recommendation page, and eventually my fannish images.

What's staying: the Fan Glossary (which may, in fact, see an update soon) and:

There's a list of fanfic archives at the bottom of this page.

A short list of reference materials for writing fanfic, mostly police procedures at this point.

And just for a little treat, some backgrounds (Windows bitmaps) and a zip file of 13 Callisto-screensaver pictures.

Slashy eye candy: Technicolor Dream is a modified image from "Dead End on Blank Street" and "Real Deal" screencaps. The modifications are (c) cmshaw but the original images are (c) Pet Fly and The Sentinel.

More slashy eye candy: Download an Oz screensaver for Windows, of my own design. The screensaver is (c) cmshaw but the images used are (c) Levinson/Fontana and Oz.


Fanfic Definitions

Slash Archives

The definitive listing: Slash Fan Fiction on the Net
Highlander erotica: HLX
TrekSmut: R'rain's Slash Archive
X-Philes: Mulder/Krycek Romantics Association,
    Mulder/Skinner Slash Society,
    Dana Scully's Slash Angels,
    and Archive/X (the new stories)
Sentinel Slash: 852 Prospect
Oz Smut: Em City

Fanfic Archives

The definitive listing: Fan Fiction on the Net
Highlander: HLFIC-L Archive
X-Files: Gossamer
    and Award-Winning Stories
Archiving ASC and ASC.Erotica.Moderated: Alt.Startrek.Creative Community Website
The Sentinel (gen only): Guide Posts

Official Show Sites

X-Files (Fox)
Highlander: The Series (Rysher)

Highlander: The Raven (Rysher)

The Sentinel doesn't have an official site, but the official unofficial site is Support Our Sentinel (includes episode reviews).

Paramount offers a rather lame Star Trek page, but for Voyager and Deep Space Nine, episode reviews are available unofficially at Star Trek: Hypertext.

HBO shows everyone up with a kickin' Oz page that has to be seen to be believed.
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