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Oola-jab.jpg--Oola,Jabba, and Salacious Crumb   
sittingon Jabba's Throne.
59 KB
Ola-lucas.jpg--Oolagets some hints from   
directorGeorge Lucas.
19 KB
Drawing.jpg--Drawing of Oola that appears at the beginning of the short story A Time to Mourn, a Time to Dance. 55 KB
Figure.jpg--a custom made Oola action figure 39 KB
gooddance.jpg--Oola dancing during the "Jedi Rocks" sequence in Return of the Jedi Special Edition. 36 KB
offcam.jpg--Oola (Femi Taylor) getting her make-up touched up off camara. 14 KB
Oola02.jpg--Oola dancing at Jabba's Palace. 16 KB
Oolab-w.jpg--a black and white closeup of Oola. 24 KB
Oolacard.gif--a custom made Oola card for Star Wars, the Customizable Card Game. 77 KB
Oolapre0.jpg--a drawing of an early sketch of Oola. 37 KB
Oolapre1.jpg--another sketch 16 KB
Oolapre2.jpg--yet another sketch 27 KB
Oolapre3.jpg--a drawing of Oola and Jabba the Hutt. 23 KB
Oolaside.jpg--A picture of Oola and others during Jedi Rocks 12 KB
pit2.jpg--Oola in the Rancor's pit. 45 KB
rancpit.jpg--another picture of Oola in the Rancor pit. 35 KB
  If you have any other pictures of Oola, please let me know!