UPDATED 8th September 2005!!...These are the penpals on my list at the moment. If you would like to be added to the list please mail me.....Valentina valpal@mail.usa.com
Or place your entry in my Penpal dreambook... this is a lot easier.... Sign the Dreambook below!! (Please bear in mind that it has to be a penpal entry....if it is a message written for ME.... well, that it also appreciated, but it will be deleted, because that sort of thing should go in the visitors' book on my home page!! ; ))

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I'm an American girl but I'm living in Israel. I moved to Israel when I was 8. I like playing the piano, and I love hanging out with my friends.
Hey, im Abby, Im 16 from Birmingham, Uk. I like swimmin, singin, chattin, watchin tv. I have ginger hair, and hazel eyes, i am about 5'11. Errmm...wot else can i say?! If ya wanna know anythin about me, msg me n let me know :D Buh bye XxX Abby XxX Requests: Anyone who wants to chat, not to old!! Sincere!!!
Abby abby_uk_2002@yahoo.com>
Birmingham - UK
i am a girl sk8boarder and snowboarder from calgary. i like rap, dance and alteritive music. i have blond hair and green eyes. SO, I F U R A SK8ER OR SNOWBOARDER PEASE WRITE!!! THANX A MILLION:
Calgary - Canada
My name is Mette, a Danish girl of 15. I'm particularly interested in penpals from Russia, but others can also write. I play the piano. I'm also interested in snail mail. Please e-mail me to receive details.
Odense, Denmark

I am a 16 years old girl from Denmark. I would like penpals from all over the world. I go to school and play squash in my sparetime. Please write me.
Marie Broue Hansen<tbjensen@post3.tele.dk>
Fanderborg (Denmark)
I'm Jessica...umm...I'm 16, grade 10 from Ontario, Canada but living in Orlando, Florida at the moment. I like to play sports like baseball, swimming, biking and skiing. I am 5ft 10 and have blue eyes and dark blonde hair.
Jessica McMenemy<mailto:shootingstar_19@hotmail.com>
Orlando. USA
5'7", red head, somewhat of a tomboy, likes to have fun, skinny, loves most rock music+ some other stuff(no rap please), glasses, just moved, cat lover, loves to shoot pool and just hang out with some cool people and music. Requests: someone who is way nice, can make me laugh and who can talk easily, knows when to be serious, can be a good friend before ever being considered a boyfriend(if you're a guy)15-18
Ally (female) 15<linkinplan@myway.com>
Hemet, California, United States
hi! my name's sheila. i'm 20 years old, and i'm in my third year of university. i'm pretty laidback and kinda goofy. i like to think of myself as funny, smart, and devastatingly good looking ;) i love music, karaoke (which i'm sure many will agree is not always music ;)), bowling, hockey and soccer (though i'm absolutely horrible at both) and chatting with friends. i'm about 5'9, slim, with red hair and green eyes. i'm planning on doing a lot of traveling, so i'm looking to make some friends from around the world. i'm especially interested in people from ireland, scotland, australia, new zealand, and sweden. but if you're not from there, that's fine, write me anyway! anyway, thanks for reading my personal thingy, and have a great day! and write me! :D


HELLO how are u ? I'm very interesting to be your friend !!! My name is AKARAM (male) I'm Moroccan,I have 22 years old , my birthdate is 13/01/2003 I'm student in 3nd year in university of sciences and technology of LILLE in "FRANCE" my major is chemistry .i look for a new sincere friends from any country ,age ,sex, colour, religion ,race necessary I need a person to share my thoughts, Cry, laugh , dreams and talk to him when it's became black in my eyes, and listen to him when he whispers , complains and express about himself, i like to build with u a strong friendship, i think our lives is so short and it's very nice things to knowing more about other , countries ,cultures , languages, religions, because we are not alone in this planet , there many different kind of people we don't know anything about them ,we must open our doors for others , I believe that anyone I this world have something to teaching me .and i like very much writing letters by snail mail and travelling, playing football (I like REAL MADRID) can u give me more information about you and your family , country... hope to hearing from u soon Me too I'm intersting by snail mail my address is : AKRAM BERTAL 50, RUE GILLES NEUMANS 59920 QUIEVRECHAIN NORD FRANCE take care akram
Akram <akramraul@hotmail.com>

Very interesting website. Was looking for cards for my 4 children & ran up on your site. If you need someone to talk to I'm a good listener. Just email me. Debra from Missouri...I'll reply everyone!!
Debra Workman <debralynnworkman@aol.com>
Missouri - USA
I would like to buy a tamagotchi sooner or later because I think it is sooooooo cute to care for a little thing and take it everywhere. Since I love purses, I can put it in my purse and take it everywhere!
Hi im 16 years old and i live in England i have 6 younger brothers and sisters and have a twin sister called Becky i have a new baby sister called Stella and a 2 year old sister called Kimi, 3 year old brother called danny,7 year old sister called Roxie,8 year old brother called Josh and a 9 year old sister called abby. Email me if your interested.
Georgie >Ruthpiper2@hotmail.com

.I'm from Austria...I'm just lil 16 ..okay...the list of sports I like is really long *lol* i am kickboxing, I love to go to the fitness center, jogging, biking, skating, skiing *lol* ..... all the sports a girl in my age likes to do *lol*
Anja <sweetey150@gmx.net>
Hey my name is Gina, aged 16, and I am a swimming teacher at the YMCA. I play the flute and piano and LOVE to read. I also bowl in a league after school. GOOD CHARLOTTE ROCKS!!!!!!! Benji is hotter than Joel
Gina <Linz110@Juno.com>
United States
I'm a girl of 13 years old.
Anna Vinyoli <annavz@cetim.ictnet.es>
Hi Valentina, I'm from New York City. I'm looking for snail mail penpals. I'm 39 years old, but I'll write to any age. If you ever run across anyone who'd like to be snail mail penpals, let me know. I think if everyone had penpals, their would be less strangers in the world, and I always have room in my heart for more friends. I think you have a great page. Hope you're happy in your life, and always smile a day without a smile is a day not lived.
Maria <Mariasbouquet@aol.com>
New York City, U.S.
Hi!I´m a Spanish girl who would like to write with people of another countries Specially from England or Holland where I have another pen-pal.I promise to answer BYE
Silvana Aniorte Martínez <mailto:silvanilla%20@yahoo.es>
Albacete, España
Tall girl.I used to play the flute , but in highschool, I quit because band at my highschool is totally lame.

hi all my name is emma but sum ppl just call me ami...i hav no idea y that iz...well im 14 and im lookin for sum friends so plz email me at jacfriesen@shaw.ca also if u know emma watsons, daniel radcliffes, rupert grints or tom feltons email address, phone #, or address plz tell me cuz i am like a huge fan uv them! so plz mail me and tell me thos answeres if u hav them or just mail me 2 chat or b friends ur wuteva u want 2 do! luv emma (or ami i guess)
Emma <<jacfriesen@shaw.ca

i don't play any kinda musical thing. Im just a country girl...I live in oklahoma.... hobbies hmm... listening 2 music and hangin with all my friends & movies.. im 16... will b 17 in june.. *+Lauren+*
Lauren <misschatalot@hotmail.com>
Oklahoma, United States

Hi Valentina!!! yah, its Bethany again, yah I was just reading your book and I forgot a lot of information about myself. Im 14 gonna be 15 in Febuary and I live in St.Anthony Newfoundland. Umm I like Music, I play recorder and Piano. I have a sister, two dogs and a cat. Talk to ya later
Bethany McGonigle <lilmisssugarfreak2003@hotmail.com>
Hey groovers, the names sere, and it pronounced something like, "sare"as in sere, but like "snare" drum, get it, i dont!! anyhoo, i am 13, and come from the hottest place around, AUSTRALIA, and I am into everything, and anything, cept smokin n drugs. all the normal teen stuff is 4 me. so WRITE TO ME: roxy099@hotmail.com CYA Sere
Sere C <roxy099@hotmail.com>
Melbourne, Australia
I am 23 years old. I would like to stablish communication with other teachers to exchange information and experiences.
Maria <meri23@mixmail.com>

hello!!!! I am a girl of 12 years old and if you want to know more about me...click on my name!!!!!!
sarah morissette <sarah_morissette@hotmail.com>
Baie Comeau, Canada
Hi! My name is Junaid Jamshed. Im 23 yrs old and live in UAE. Currently im doing Bachelors from American University. I love to play soccer, and cricket. Love to make friends..................
Junaid Jamshed <junaid_jamshed82@hotmail.com>
United Arab Emirates
Hi guys! I am a student at university.I study English Linguistics. I am 23 years old. My hobbies are: sport (light athlets, swimming, tennis), travelling, reading books especially adventure, learning foreign languages and meeting new peaple. I would like to talk to anyone who is interested in exchanging ideas about our countries. I look forward to hearing from you.
Marcin Krolikowski <mkrolikowski@hotmail.com>
Wroclaw, Poland
Hey! I'm an 18-year-old Asian girl living in California. I'm a freshman in college. I've always wanted to travel around the world and I would like to make friends with people living in other countries. Write me and i'll try to respond as soon as I can! =o)
Sherryl-Lyn Imperial <The1nOnly1@juno.com>
Lancaster, CA, U.S.A



Hi, My name is Waka.I am a Japanese girl. I want to exchange e-mail in English with Asian ( Not Japanese) and more than 20 years old.
Waka Oshima <oshimawaka@hotmail.com>
Saitama, JAPAN
I'm Vanessa Perry (by marriage,now divorced.37). I had a brother David, but he tragically died after a lung transplant when he was 3.8yrs ago. Anyway, these days i just keep house and have three children.One is 16 going on 25. A baby girl whose 3, and a 12yr old son. I am aa bit of a boring buga ,i'm mostly found watching a film,or cooking . Where do you come from? What's it like where you live? Look forward to your reply. Take Care. Vanessa.
Vanessa Perry <purplepeeps@cwctv.net>
United Kingdom
I'm Brittney - 16 - now living in the great green state of Oregon. I play saxaphone and piano. I'm on the newspaper staff at school. I'm 5ft 10, blonde hair, blue eyes, I've been told I look like Jewel.... do you guys listen to Jewel up there? I used to play volleyball. I love to go to the movies.
Brittney <penbyrd@aol.com>
Oregon - USA
I am 16 and I live in a small town. I love skateboarding, punk music, writing letters, talking on the phone, movies and hanging out with friends. My favorite band is Bad Religion. I like meeting new people. Especailly guys!!!!!
Julia Pearce <Juliebug1313@hotmail.com>
Holly , Colorado
Hello everyone, I am 21 year-old-girl. I would like to meet people around the would. Could you like to be my penpal?
Sherry <sunriseyun@yahoo.com>
I'm a teacher of English and I would like to get in touch with teachers of other parts of the world
Carla Soressi <cavisoressi@arnet.com.ar>
Rosario, Argentina
Christina <skatalites9@yahoo.com>
I'm a university student and i'm female,22 I'm a korean. I wanna be freinds with you. ^^
Lee Yoon Jung <yjlee7@chollian.net>
Seoul, KOREA
Hi my name is beverly Scott.and i live in the USA,and i would like to hear fom you.
Beverly Scott <Beverlyheart@prodigy.net>
randallestown, usa
Hi, I'm a 21 y.o. girl, journalism student from Portugal. I would like to meet people who are interested in environment, music and spirituallity. If you want to find out more, drop me a line. I will reply as soon as possible. :)
Susana <alegria_pt@yahoo.com>
Lisbon, POrtugal
I'm interested in horses, music, swimming, camping, reading, and hanging out with good friends.
sarah <sarahw@warp.nfld.net>
corner brook, nfld, canada
Hi I'm a female from Valencia(Spain)I would like to write e-mails with people from Portugal (Lisboa) and Chech Republic. I like the music, travelling, reading, dancing and learning languages. Bye, EVA
EVA <evagarcia46@hotmail.com>
Valencia, Spain
Hi I'm 15 and love talk with people of another country....So write me Ok?
Maria Auxiliadora Takahashi Assis <the_little_crazy@bol.com.br>
São José dos Campos, Brazil
Hi!!!!My name is Sofia(F/14)and I would like to have new friends!!Please, write me as soon as you can!!My hobbies are:going out with my friends; listening to music;playing sports and laughing!:) :)
Sofia Menezes <sofiamenezes@yahoo.co.uk>
Braga, Portugal
I'll introduce you to me at first. My name is Chris/f and my hobbies are mangas, animes, painting , computer games, reading. I learned piano for 2 years. I like Ethan Hawke. Star Trek is great. I'm at Grammar school
Chris/f <schmidt-volkstedt@t-online.de>
Eisleben, near Halle/Saale - Germany
15 years old girl, student of English is looking for a penpal friend from any country in the world. promise a quick answer
Sandra Boné <branca@mx3.redestb.es>
Barcelona, Spain
Call me Franzi. My hobbys are riding on my horse, watch TV, hanging out with my friends, snowboarding, my e-mail friends, shopping. I'm 14 years old, and you?. If you read this email, no doubt to write me.
Franziska <077252264-0001@t-online.de>
Black Forest - Germany
Hi. I'm Jordi and I am from Sabadell (Barcelona). I 'm a singular boy that I like the partys, the music, the girls, etc. I want to talk with other people girls who wants to have a new friend or a lover and a boys who wants to have a new friend.
Jordi <Jordi69@hotmail.com>
Sabadell, Catalunya (Espanya)
HI!!!!, MY NAME IS CYNTHIA AND I AM 16 YEARS OLD. I I love to draw and listen to music. On school wrestling team. FEMALES ONLY PLEASE. HOPE TO HEAR YOU SOON.....
Cynthia Perez <perezcyn@hotmail.com>
Michigan, U.S.A.
I am 12, and would really like to have an e-mail penpal. I like animals, n-sync, and a whole lot of other things.
Krystle <tylie@locl.net>
Auburn, United States
I'm Cindy aged 23. 5ft, brown hair and green eyes. I like cinema, sport , travelling and frozen food.
Cindy <iwanna.betaller@usa.net>
Hello crazy fun-loving people all over the globe!!! I'am a 16yr old 11th grader seeking friends from ages 1-100 !!! Anyone who can have a sense of humor and good conversation! Til then hello and bye-bye Grace
Grace <Kit101@excite.com>
South Dakota, USA
I would like to meet people who are in their twenties from other countries. I like sixties music, to go to the cinema or theatre and to go out with my friends. I hope to receive a letter from you soon.
Blanca <blancadm@hotmail.com>
Barcelona, Spain
I'm a 17 year -old Brazilian girl. I like to travel, go to parties, listen to music (all kinds of it). I like to meet new people specially from other countries to exchange culture. I'm waiting for messages. Lívia
Lívia de Souza Margutti <vimargutti@zipmail.com.br>
Santa Cruz das Palmeiras , Brazil
Hi! Our names are Leyre and María and our E-Mail is: juno1984@ole.com We're 16 years old and we are very good friends. We'd like you to write us.
Maria and Leyre <juno1984@ole.com>
Albacete, Spain
15/f/usa, just looking for someone to chat with
Erin <babygrl906@hotmail.com>
Hello! I'm Irina/female/28/married. I'm an ESL teacher. I'm looking for goods friends in English speaking countries. I would like to practise my language and exchange ideas about teaching English. But don't think that I am a boring person.I'm very sociable. I'm interested in a lot of things and I promise to answer everybody who will write to me.
Irina Zirka <zirka_i@mail.ru>
Kiev, Ukraine
I am 23, young luxembourgish woman, love music, writing with people all around the world, on e-amil or postal. Languages: Deutsch, français, english, español. Send me your mail, i'd appreciate.
Tania <tania@lux-world.net>
Hello everyone, my name is Mais. I'm a 33 years old female. I am from Palestinian background living in Australia. I would like to have pen pals form all over the world, from my age group if possible, any gender. I enjoy reading, swimming, music and movies. I love having pen pals, so don't be shy and write to me...
Mais <msalsa@ozemail.com.au>
Sydney, Australia
I'm Ana, a Spanish girl of 30 living in Paris. I also speak Italian and English. I love cinema and traveling.
Ana Alvaro <ana_alvaro@hotmail.com>
Paris, France
I'm Amber, a 16 year old girl, a junior about to graduate. I'm 5ft 6, 145lbs. My favourite foods are cheese, strawberries, cookies and ice cream.
Amber Mayhan<ambatoreia@hotmail.com>
Kalispell - Montana - United States
This is Christin, and I enjoy sports like lacrosse, riding, indoor track ; playing the piano. I like "Sublime" and "Pearl Jam", and I am 5ft 10.
Christin <pilot_dc10@email.com>
Maryland - United States
I am Debora, 26, live in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. I study electronics/computers. I like that and I like reading and walking. I am 1.70m high, brown ayes and brown hare, little curly. I am not fat but not tiny, because I like to cook and to taste that
Debora Kuzmanovic <kuzmandd@eunet.yu>
Belgrade - Yugoslavia
I am Debora, 26, live in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. I study electronics/computers. I like that and I like reading and walking. I am 1.70m high, brown ayes and brown hare, little curly. I am not fat but not tiny, because I like to cook and to taste that
Debora Kuzmanovic <kuzmandd@eunet.yu>
Belgrade - Yugoslavia

Frederic, Brussels (Belgium); I'm looking for indian penpals who would like to come to europe, 'cuz i would like to go to india and not just as a tourist. I'm learning hindi and would like to start practising. Mumbai or Delhi or Lucknow would be best. Give your keys a shake and email me. Likes: travels, internet, languages, music, programming Click here.

Kyle Jones, Idaho (USA); I am 9 years old and in the third grade. I go to a small school that has 17 kids in my class. I love to play roller blade hockey and I love airplanes. When I grow up I want to go to the Naval Academy and learn to fly airplanes. I am a Cub Scout in the Boy Scouts of America. I am a Bear and graduating into Webloes in May. Click here.

Hello,my name is Hitoshi Kato from Tokyo (Japan). I got married last December. My wife and I read the mail and I write it. I'm 25 years old. I work in Tukizi in tokyo at the telephone company. My interests are scuba diving,watching movies & having pets. I'd like to correspond with Americans or some people in the world. I'd like to correspond in English. I'm waiting for your reply. Click here.

Phil Lelle, San Antonio (USA); Young male seeks penpals all over the globe. Love to laugh and enjoy life. Hobbies include... collecting eagle stuff, writing, poetry, prose, b&w photography, nature trips. Click here.

I am Heike, a 27 years old female from Germany. I have a 5 years old son. I am working as a secretary to the Law Faculty. My interests are correspondance, fotography, play the keyboard, singing, travelling, art by Andy Warhol etc. I am a vegetarian. I am looking for female pen pals near my age from all over the world! Click here.

Kaja Donnestad, Oslo (Norway); Hello! I am 15 years old. and live with my family, my brother, mother and father. I have a little cat named Wilma. My hobbies are Golf and Badminton. I wish that somebody would write to me. I am not too good in English but I can trie (Ed: That's the spirit... keep on trying & you shall succeed)..Click here.

Kelley Downey, Florida (USA); I am 25 years old, married with child, a full time college student, an office manager for an electrical contracting company. I like computers, reading and listening to all types of music. Click here.

Angie Leslie, (New Zealand); Hi i'm 14 and would like a penpal between the age of 13-16 either male or female. My hobbies are playing sport, listening to music, farming, motorbikes, animals horses and puppys. Please write NOW!! Click here.

Shawna Brophy, Maryland (USA); I am a student at Western Maryland College studying Political Science and Spanish. I love to travel and participate in almost any type of sport, especially volleyball, skiing and tennis. I like to discuss politics and hope to one day be president. (Ed: wish your dreams come true... it would be really great if one of the members of `Kalkutta' became a president) Click here.

Carson Wheaton, California (USA), I'm 5'6" have brown hair and hazel eyes. I'm 14-Fm and I%27ll take anyone from an english or spanish speaking country. Please 12-16. Click here.

Ken Saveth, Oklahama (USA); Although email is the way to go, I would really like to write to someone via snail mail... what can I say. I'm old fashioned and am a 37 year old male, am a Petroleum Engineer by profession. I am married & have 2 children. My hobbies are triathlons, swimming, cycling, running, reading, playing guitar, listening to music, international cuisine, culture. Please email me if anyone is interested in this antiquated method of correspondence!! Click here.

Billy Wallace, Texas (USA); i'm a 29 year old male and i like to fish and hunt. well i like the out doors. Click here.

Andrea, Ontario (Canada); I enjoy Singing, Acting, Music, Friend, Shopping, Music did I mention Music. [Ed: nice one ;)] Click here.

Hi my name is andy and im 29 I work as a nurse and am looking for penpals from India. I'm from the U.S.A. and I once had a friend from India, but he had to go back home 7 years ago. I just am interested. I like reading going to the beach. and drawingg. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and am a nice person. Hope to hear from someone soon. Click here.

(Netherlands) Hello, I am Peter Francissen, 38 years old, happily married for over 15 years. We've got a daughter 11 years, and a boy 8 years old. My occupation is radiographer, and I work in the Academic Hospital off Nijmegen. I live in a small village nearby Nijmegen what is called Sambeek. During freetime, am I used to play on my guitar, act like a professional coach for my son, while he is playing soccer. Together with my whole family are we used too go for camping on regular basis. Hopefully is this enough for the moment, I'm looking forward to receive several messages from Your country, so we can exchange ideas and story's about living here and in your country. Click here.

Darren Barker, Trexas (USA); White Male, Aerospace Engineer. Likes camping, hiking, computers & TV. Click here.

Joey, (USA); Hi just looking for a pen pal. I'm 37, brown hair, green eyes, 165lbs.I love the outdoors and my computer. Click here.

Brandi Bowen, (USA); I am 20 yrs old. I am currently attending college with a major in Pre-Law. I enjoy dancing, sports, talking and just hanging out. I am very outgoing and very easy to get along with. I hope to hear from YOU soon. Click here.

Alexandria Allen, Georgia (USA); I am married to a Doctor with three beautiful children. I am very active in our small town. I love to read (but have no time), I enjoy talking with people from all areas of our world. Click here.

Elana Friedman, New York (USA); I'm in 10th grade, female, and very athletic. Love Basketball and all sports. Big Stanford Women's Basketball fan. Also big Rusted Root and Dave Matthews Band fan... love music. Click here.

I am in the usa and would like a penpal in india. I work in boston as a stock broker/ asset mgr. I would like to have friendship with a medical person m/fm age at least 35 Click here.

Lucifer; My name really isn't Lucifer, and no I have nothing to do with the Prince of Darkness. I am a new internet user and I am testing it out. It would be nice to speek with someone who knows what they are doing on this thing. Want female friends. Click here.

Skye Blankenship, Indiana (USA); My hobbies are writing, hangin' with my friends and jumpin' on my trampoline.I'm 13 strawberry blond hair, green eyes. I LOVE TO TALK TO BOYS SO WRITE ME Click here.

Andres V. Munoz, (Canada); (M-23); I like reading, WWW, science, mysticism, and India. Namaste, I would like to find Email friends from India. I live in Canada and I am employed. I have always been interested in the sub-continent, especially its people and their history. Please feel free to responed to my ad. I hope to hear from someone soon. P.S. I can't seem to learn Hindi that well. Maybe some of you can help me. (Ed: You've already begun your voyage into Hindi by starting your introduction with `Namastey'... best of luck). Click here.

Jung jiyoung, Ulsan (Korea); (F-21); I am a Computer teacher and my hobbies are: comics, music, stamps, sports. I want snail pen friend. Click here.

Rachel Seccombe, Dunedin (New Zealand); I enjoy reading and rabbits but not sports. I'm 14 and female and would like a penpal to email and send letters to. Click here.

Kelvin Loh, (Singapore); I'm 20 yrs old. My hobbies include swimming, breeding goldfish, bodybuilding, running, cycling and all kinds of sports. I enjoy music, relaxation and not forgetting sleeping. Click here.

Barica, Ljubljana (Slovenia); Hi, I'm a 16 year old (Ed: or young...) girl. I'd like male or female pals aged 15 to 17. I'm more interested in snail mail, so maybe after a while I could write to you via snail mail or vice versa. Write soon! Barica. Click here.

I would really like to have a penpal from India. I am a 35 year old male from America. I would like to find an Indian male of similar age, who is a devout Hindu and regularly meditates, since I am very interested in the spiritual life in India. Click here.

Francisco P. Belen Jr., Hawaii (USA); Been in Hawaii since 1991, work in the hotel industry, enjoy the outdoors, single, filipino-puerto rican mix, collect stamps and other assorted *junk*. Click here.

jason price, tn (usa); my age is 11, I like art, to play nintendo. I like sports and I am a green belt in taekwondo. I have two cats and iguana, have won a first place in karate. I like to play the computer a lot. thats about it. except my most favourite thing to do is to watch wcw wrestling. Click here.

Rhonda, (Canada); I am university student, MEd., Work at a bank. Like to golf and ski Click here.

Ray Wilmott, NJ (USA); I'm a 30 year old single male, working in the graphic arts & advertising field. I love hot sunny days, the beach, snorkeling, music and animals. Would like to hear from females between the ages of 18 and 35. (Ed: No discrimination between caste, colour, creed, religion is acceptable...) Click here.

adam madawi, (usa); 5'11", blk hair, brn hair, black eyes, 145lbs Click here.

Kamei Toshiya, (Japan); A bit about myself. My name is Toshiya and I'm a 24 years old Japanese male. Address: 48-2 Iizumi, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 250 Japan. Interests, Just about anything, which includes writing postcards, reading fiction, translation and so on. Work at a bakery and plan on attending college in the US. Important: Snail mail only (Ed: Since this came by email, have to put it here... sorry for the inconvenience)

Hello, my name is Hitoshi Kato from Tokyo. I got married last December. My wife and I read the mail and I write it. I'm 25 years old and work in Tukizi in Tokyo at the telephone company. My interests are scuba diving, watching movies & keeping pets. I'd like to correspond with Americans or some people in the world, in English. Waiting for your reply. Click here.

angie leslie, (New Zealand); Hi i'm 14 and would like a penpal between the age of 13-16 male or female. my hobbies are playing sport, listening to music, farming, motorbikes, animals horses and puppys. please write NOW!! Click here.

Phil Lelle, San Antonio, (USA); Young male seeks penpals all over the globe. Love to laugh. Hobbies include: collecting eagle-stuff, writing poems, prose, b&w photography and nature trips. Click here.

I am Heike, a 27 years old female from Germany. I have a 5 years old son. I am working as a secretary to the Law Faculty. My interests are correspondance, fotography, play the keyboard, singing, travelling, art by Andy Warhol etc. I am a vegetarian. I am looking for female pen pals near my age from all over the world! Bye, Heike Click here.

Kaja Donnestad, Oslo (Norway); Hello! My name is Kaja Donnestad and I am 15 years old. I am living with my family, my brother, mother and father. I have a little cat wich name Wilma. My hobbies are Golf and Badminton. I wish that somebody can write to me. I am not too good in English but I can trie. (Ed: Friend... you're trying and that is what counts... congratulations!) Click here.

Kelley Downey, Florida (USA); I am 25 years old, married with child, a full time college student an office manager for an electrical contracting company. I like computers, reading and listening to all types of music. Click here.

Seema Vyas, Ontario (Canada); I am an 18 year old Indian girl. I play the piano and am a green belt in karate. I go to the University of Ottawa in the Biotechnology program. Click here.

rehan ahmed; Hi my name is Rehan and I am a 24 y.o male living in Sydney, Australia. I presently work as an accountant and I enjoy life and like to get to know as many people as possible. I am very much a social person. Just to describe myself. I am 5 foot 10 inches and I have a fair complexion. My hair is black and my eyes are light brown. I enjoy outdoor activities. News around the world interests me. Whether its about war, politics, or corruption. I am very keen to read about these things, and I like to talk and debate these issues as well. So I would like to hear from anyone. Click here.

Kenny, Edinburgh (Scotland); 26 years old male. Interests include reading, history, pubbing. Click here.

Judith A. Turner, Kentucky (USA); I live on a 15 acre farm in Dry Ridge. I go boating on weekends when weather permits. I like to do count cross stitch. My main hobby is fish aquariums. I have a 55 gallon reef tank and a 29 gallon fresh water tank. Click here.

Bob Sardana, Texas (USA); I enjoy travelling, outdoors, tennis, swimming and tropical islands. I am a single male 30 years old. I work in the telecommunications industry and have a business of my own. I am looking to exchange letters with females of any country. Click here.

Matt Larson, Fargo (USA); I am a 16 year old boy, who loves the outdoors. Click here.

Patty Waldrop, Texas, (USA); I am 32 and have been married for 16 years. I have a 16 year old son, have my own medical billing business that I run from my home. I have many interests which include reading, some needlework, geneology, boating and others. Click here.

Shirlene Littlejohn, New Mexico, (USA); Hello my name is Shirlene. I am 13 years old. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I am in the 8th grade. My grade point average is 3.9. My hobbies are playing basketball, riding my bike and making seedbead necklaces. In my spare time I also like to read. My favorite food is Pizza. I like to cook by following a recipe, that's why I have a cook book. I know Las Cruces, New Mexico sounds of weird but I am originally from Gaffney, South Carolina. Well I better go I have ran out of things to say, BYE Click here.

Shijung Kim, Kyongbuk, (S.Korea); I'm a 15yr. girl from S.Korea. I do love listening to music, playing various sports and hangin' out alone or with somebody. I love to exchange letters or Emails everyday. I'm 166cm tall and kinda slender but it looks so good. I'm on the 10th grade this year. Click here.

Eddie Roshidi, (Singapore); I'm Eddie and my age is 25. I'm working as a Marketing Executive in a Courier Firm. My hobbies are Bowling, Reading, Traveling and Water Skiing. Click here.

Veronica Ayala, New Mexico, (USA); I am going to Dona Ana Community College, that is also part of New Mexico State University. This is already my second semester. Click here.

James Bish, Shelocta, (USA); I am a 6' tall high school junior who just wants a friend away from home besides my classmates. I am a big Notre Dame fan if that means anything. Click here.

Dawn, Michigan, (USA); 34yr Working Mom, would like to send email to someone in the same boat. Just to talk or to say hi.!! I find this pen-pal over the internet thing very cool. A chance to get to know someone in another place is great. Click here.

Penny Elliot, Ontario, (Canada); I am interested in travelling, food, wine, different cultures, computers, philosophy, meaning of life, sleepless in Seattle, candles, holistic medicine, music, learning as a lifetime hobby, observation etc. Click here.

Aaron Johnson, New Orleans, (USA); I am a 16 year Junior in High School. After Graduation I plan to go to college and become either a psychiatrist, or a professor of contemporary theater, For a choreographer. This is a particular rarity in new orleans, because in the south, BOYS DON'T DANCE. And I have dreams that one day, i'll be a professional dance on the Broadway Stage, but, probably not. I better stick with psychology. I won't starve to death. Click here.

Ranae, Lexington, (USA); I am a female whose interests include Computers, Cameras, bowling, and spending time with friends. I have a boyfriend of 3 and a half years, no children. I'm 21 years old. Click here

Bob Wilson, Texas, (USA); Hi! I hope that someone will send me email. I am 6'5" and don't play basketball. But I do bowling. I enjoy using computers, traveling foreign and domestic, read comic books and listen to country music. I have a Basenji and 2 cats. Click here

Alex Tressler, Maryland, (USA); I like to play sports and I like to have fun. I'm 15 years old Click here

Harmeet Singh, New Delhi, (India); I am a 17 yr old guy from India. Love to read books, listen to music (all kind except metal), love to play anything, like to swim and daydream a lot, love to eat sweet dishes a lot (Ed: Wow... I love Jalebis... do you?) and yes love computers and like to make friends thru computers. Click here

Terri-Lynn Girard, Onatrio, (Canada); I enjoy watching movies, and writing to people. My favorite actor is Adam Sandler. I will write back to anyone that writes me. Click here

William R. Boone, I am a 46 year old male from Dallas, Texas USA. I am a physician, specializing in surgery and internal medicine. I am 6'1" tall, blonde hair and brown eyes. I enjoy astronomy, sailing, and travel. I have been in a number of places in the world including India where I met my Japanese wife. I am looking for anyone who wishes to write. I'd like to learn more about you, your family and country. Click here

Heather Whitmore, Florida, (USA); I'm a 16 year old sophomore in high school. I like sports (especially soccer and tennis), all types of music, surfing the 'net, snorkeling, blading, working on my webpages, and partying on the weekends. I have blond hair and hazel eyes (they change color according to my clothing colors), but I'm not the typical "blond". I'd like to have a penpal on the 'net to send email to. Click here

Irene Pinkham, New Jersey, (USA); I am 37 years old looking for someone I can write to. And get to know each other and become friends. Click here

Reneta Hiss, Durban, (South Africa); I am 18 years old and I'm curently studying at the university of Natal. I have many hobbies and I enjoy swimming, reading, seeing different places, understanding different cultures. I would really like to have a penpal so any letters received will be answered. Click here

Crystal, Shepherdstown, (USA); Wiccan, different from the norm, into seances, angels, vampires, tatoos, looking for email pals. Click here

Jorge Aguilar, (Mexico); Hola. Un saludo para todos aquellos que navegan desde la gran ciudad de Mexico. Los invito a participar en un intercambio de ideas y opiniones sobre temas de *ambiente*. Tego 37 afos. Mido 1.64 cms. Peso 72 kilos. Termino la licenciatura en comunicacion (Ed: this is interesting... will have to add a place for `languages known' in my form.. to Jorge... Namastey). Click here

edward dorval, franklin, (usa); age=28 height=5'2" like to consider myself athletic and educated. good sense of humor Click here

Cricket, IL, (USA); Greetings & Salutations! I am a 25 yr. old white female. I am very happily married (5 years in October) have a 16 month old Shih-tzu named Elliot. I love to read (my favorite: John Grisham), doing crafts and watching movies & TV. I'm new to the Internet (at my husband's urging) and I'm looking to chat with females in my age group that share similar interests. Click here

Terry Basden, Texas, (USA); 38 year old, divorced, white male, Nurse by profession. I enjoy life and can be whitty at times. I do not know why I do this, because nobody ever hardly writes me back! (Ed: Rome was not built in a day... keep on trying and you'll succeed) Click here

Jenny Browne, (Ireland); I like windsurfing, swimming and badminton. I would like a boy or girl penpal aged 12-15 years old. Click here

JB Sayavongsa, (USA); I like to make new friends.I live with my mom, stepdad and sister in Maryland I like to go to the mall. I like to sing, dance, cook and have fun. Click here

Jung soyoung (S.KOREA) hello, My name is jung soyoung. I live in S.KOREA. I'm 23 years old female. I work for Piano Academy. My hobbies are music, comics, stamps, etc.I like Pop very much. I like SPICE GIRLS, EN VOGUE, SUEDE, NO DOUBT. And I like girl's comics. Truely I want snail pen friend. I like to write pretty letter. would you like to be my snail pen friend%3F I wait for your reply. Nice to meet you%21 Good-luck to you My address Jung soyoung 1-303 Hyundai 2th Apt Yoempo-dong, jung-ku, Ulsan 681-040 Click here

I am a 28 year old male living in the Gulf "Abu Dhabi" for the past fifteen years, Currently employed as a design Engineer in an Engineering firm and hobbies include travelling, fishing and diving. Wish to correspond with like minded individuals who look forward to meeting strangers on the Net to get away from this confusing world that surrounds us. Click here


Hi! My name is Kajsa. I am a girl from Sweden and I am 13 years old. I love to write letters. My hobbies are: read books, music, floorball, meet friends, animals and ofcourse writing. I have a hamster, called Nikki. If someone write back that person will know more aboute me. Bye Kajsa Click here

Danish woman 45 years old, married looking for penpals. My hobbies are penpalling, reading books, theatre, folk dancing and camping. Hope to hear from you soon. Click here

Hello, My name is Imran and I am a 27 year old male living in Toronto, Canada. I was born in the UK, but have been living in Canada for over 20 years. My parents were originally from Kenya but their parents came from India. I am presently doing my MBA degree right now. I am 6 feet tall, 185 pounds, black hair, light brown eyes. I would love to get emails from anyone who is interested Click here

Hi! Heard that you have a penpalclub,and I will love to join it. My name is Jimmy Danielsson, 21 years old male from Sweden. Is in the Swedish Navy. Love the wildlife, fishing, know new penpals worldwide! So please drop me a line, I will answer all! Click here

Peter (Canada); hi, well as you know my name is Peter. anyways a little about my self, i'm a 20 years old tattoo artist have been doing tattoos for five years nowI have 5 tattoos on my body and i'm always planning for more. I love to travel always wanted to go to the amazon and New Orleans, but I eventually want to see the whole world, i'm interested in exchanging mail with anybody who shares these interestes and even if you don't i still want to talk with you... *big smile* i like both froms of mail (either e-mail or snail mail.. prefferably snail mail) i don't know why but I just like it.. i think it's more personal and like I said I just like it. so thats me, well some of me but if you want to know more then just drop me a line, talk to you later, bye. Click here

VIKNESWARAN NAIR (MALAYSIA); I am a research scholar at the local university. I would be glad to write anybody who needs a friend to talk to. Click here

Farrukh Saeed (USA); I am a 25 years old, male single.I have been living in the USA for 10 years. I work as an Asst. V.P. for Wells Fargo Bank's Corporate Cash Management in Nevada. My interests including watching and playing sports, travelling. I love being in The USA. Click here

Jessica-Dionne Wright (USA); I like to rollerblade, listen to music (alternative) and i want a penpal who would like to snail mail also, any age, any sex, any country... Click here

M.A.Raman (BAHRAIN); Hi, Want to make new friend%21 I am an electronics engineer 35 years old male,working in Bahrain for last 10 years. My hobbies are computing,making friends and e-mailing. any body is welcome to write to me. I am waiting for your e-mail. Click here

Goutham (USA); Hi, I am a software professional, single, my hobbies include traveling,playing Tennis ,making friends and of course net surfing. Click here

Cliff Bailey (USA); I am forty years old, single, no children, planning on visiting Poland, Rumania Hungary, and Russia in 1998. I would like to write to both men and women to learn more about Eastern Europe before I go there. I like to read, play chess, ride bicycles and horses. I will respond to any one, that writes to me Click here

MALHOTRA BHARAT BHUSHAN (GHANA); I am 43 year old Indian Naitional residing in Ghana since 1969. Intersted in making female friends above 35years. Hobbies: traveling, Movies, Crickets. Comes to India twoice a year. Click here

Ian Lawton (U.K.); 31 yrs old, Married, 6' 2", 2 chilgren and an interest in computers. Click here

NEHRU SAMANTARAI (USA) Working as a software engineer. hobbies friendship, movies, readind magazines, dancing, visit new places etc. Click here

Rajesh Prasad (Australia); 6ft 3in tall, 21 years of age, slim built, good looking, love sports and travelling, watching movies, listening to music. Currently doing Mechanical and Manufacturing Degree at the University Of Melbourne. Click here

Ali Raza Khan (Pakistan); My name is Ali Raza Khan and I am from Peshawar, Pakistan. I am married and have two childern, one is girl of the age 3 years and the boy of 1 month. I have got a cinema house in Peshawar, Pakistan. I am very jolly and humerous person. I want a girl or women to be my friend. I want to share the ideas and thinking with the others. I hope I will find a good one. Click here

I am 22 year old ('75) graphic designer. Crazy about my Pontiac Fiero. Just interested in talking to foreighn people to improve my english and learn more about other countries without having to travel. Click here

Jim Glendinning (Scotland); Hi! My I'm a male, 23, 5'7" and of average build. I'm looking for female pen-pals only. My interests are keeping fit, t.v, Sci-Fi and using the Internet to meet people and play games. Click here

NormaJean Richart (USA); I work at home as secretary for a paralegal. I do a few MLMs for a little spending money. I have 5 children, and 3.5 grandchildren. I am interested in tarot, psychic readings, pastlife readings, astrology, horoscopes, and making gifts and helping people. I am a 44 y.o. female. I would like to hear from other ladies near my age with same interests, ie: working at home, the unknown, children, etc. Click here

R. Beaty (USA) I am a 30 year old college professor who would like to correspond with ladies between the ages of 17 and 40 from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the Middle East. Please reply with A RECENT PHOTO to: R. Beaty Po Box 659 Hyannisport, MA 02647 USA Click here

M.Kumagai (Japan); hi I am Japanese national, working in saudi arabia, enjoying to classfied ads of panpals and i love palying tennis very much. Any persons intrested to me kindly drop me a line tks Click here

Megan (U.S.A.); I am 13 years old and in need of a pen pal. I enjoy reading,sports,shopping,etc. I love animals and I love talking. I will write to girl or boy does not matter. Please e-mail me soon. Click here

Laurie (USA); Hi%21 I'm an 11 yr. female an I love chatting, sports, and traveling. I play basketball, and volleyball. I would like pen pal girls 11-14. Thanx Click here

diane rouse (USA); 8th grade loves basketball and the beach dog named mink Click here

Cazoshay (USA) Hi%21 I'm an twelve year old girl and my birthday is on October 14, 1985. I like ballet, acting, shopping, hanging out with my friends, and writing. I will reply to all who write to me and I look forward to talking to you%21 Click here

Casey (USA); I am 13 years old. I love the band Hanson. I play the piano and guitar. I also play on a travel soccer team and am on the volley ball, track, and crosscountry teams for my school. I love making new friends. I will answer all of my e-mail letters. Click here

Chris Ferstat (Australia); I am a 16 year old Australian male looking for penpals in Europe and South America Click here

Glenn Poore (USA); Retired professional glamour photohgrapher. Age 53, divorced. I like country music, travel, gardening, antiques, computing, birding. Click here

Lisa (Australia); My name is Lisa I an 13 years old I have blond HAir and brown eyes I woould love to here from anyone. Click here

Amit (India); Hi everyone%21 I am 15 Yr.m, 5'5" tall. I have shiny black hair. I love to communicate with other people, play cricket, badminton and chess, listen to music and work on computers. Anyone interested drop me a line and I promise, every one of u will be answered. So, what are u waiting for? Click here

Jared Rettberg (USA); I am 7 years old. I like to swim, read and roller blade. I have brown eyes and brown hair. Click here

Ewa malec (Sweden); Hi! I'm an 11 years old girl and I would like to have penpals (only girls) in the ages 10-12 years. I like sports, reading, playing with animals and beeing in the nature. My favourite animal is horse. Plase write some letters to me. I will answer in 100%! Bye, Click here

Chris Cole (USA); I am 15 years old and I am male. I would like a female panpal between the ages of 12-16. I live in Usa and would like any girl interested to write me. And I will be sure to get back with you. Click here

nick morrison (USA); i am 15 and lik sports, music, games, etc. i am african-american and would like e-mail from boys and girls, but mostly girls. guys if you want to talk about games or sports i'am the man, but ladies if you want to talk about something else i'am the man Click here

Megan Czisz (Australia); I am 12, and love the X-files, David Duchovny, Sweet Valley and Alanis. Please E-mail me if you are 12. I would love to hear from you. Click here

courtney czisz (australia); My name is Counrtey, I am 10 years old. I play netball and go to swim club. I like Spice Girls, No Doubt and more. Would love to hear from girl or boy around the same age. Click here

Stephanie Martin (Canada); Hi! I am a twelve year old girl looking for a pal from anywhere but I would rather from far away. If you are between the ages of 10-14 I would like to write to you. My hobbies are swimming skating Rollerblading, Drawing, Reading Comics and writing and getting e-mail and snail Mail. Oh ya Thats another thing I also LOVE to have snail mail pals. So if you are looking for one I,m your gal! So, What are you waiting for, Get Writing. Hope ta hear from ya soon@! Click here


Ross Purdie (Scotland); I am a 13.m looking for a 13.f or 14.f to talk to. I like alt. music espec. Oasis I have a good sense of humour and I won't bite. Click here

Max Lauter (USA); I am 7. I like to play baseball and take Tea Kwon Do (I have a blue belt). I also like legos, riding my bike, playing with my Dad. Inventing things and sending e-mail. Click here

Melissa (Singapore); I'm going to be 11 in October and I luv listening to music (especially Spice Girls).I like participating in sports and I like going out with friends. So even if you are a boy or a girl ages 9 to 12 Email me and I promise to write back! Click here

David Walsh (Australia); My name is David and I am 9 years old. I live in Queensland, Australia. I like playing soccer, collecting cards and teasing my sister. Click here

Elizabeth (USA); I like whinnie the pooh, tweety, mickey, beanie babies, eating, sleeping, tomagotchi's, swimming, and much more. Click here

Beverly N. (Earth... Ed says your email gives you out friend... you're from Singapore); I'm 12, 5f 3in tall, with dark hair and light brown eyes. Loves sports, reading, music and guys. Finding penpals of age 12-13, both boys and girls. Write soon... Click here

Honourine Gunasinghe (Australia); Hi friends, I'm a Srilankan livieng in Australia If you email me I'll tell more abouth my self Bye, Click here

Hi! My name is Emilie and I4m a 13 years old girl from Sweden. My hobbies are swimming, reading and listening to music. I would like to hear from anyone, boy or girl, country doesnt matter! Click here

Marvyl (Canada); Hi there i am an 18 year old female. I like many things which i never really know about until i do them. I like writing to people that are very interesting. I am currently madly in love :-) and plan on getting married to him. I like rain, singing, drawing, movies, long walks, animals, cold, and talking. I am a funny caring interesting person if you ever get to know me, i guess if you did know me well i have major mood swings but you can look over that! I like talking to individuals who do there own thing and care about others. If you think about writing me do so soon cause i LOVE mail!!! Thanx! Click here

Brie (USA); I like music, especially ska and punk. I like to hang with friends and will respond to all. hope 2 hear from U soon. Click here

Heidi (USA); I'm a 12 year old girl and I like reading,music,animals,and sports. I'll try to write back to everyone. :) Click here

Amour Jordan (Canada); I'm a college student and a tennis player and a coach in Montreal. Click here

Gary Murphy (USA); 23 yrs old, Christian, kind and open minded to all. I've been penpalling since I was 14. Today, I start working on a lifetime goal. I want to write at least one penpal in every country in the world. Some people are too poor to write. Some don't have the freedom to write. Therefore, my goal may be difficult. I will also write persons who live in countries where I already have a penpal. I used my dad's email to send this message. Click here

Jacqueline Chen (Singapore); hii ...i'm 14 years old ...frm Singapore ...would like penpals of anykind gals or guys... feel free to e-mail me Click here

Vanitha (Australia); Hi my name is Vanitha and i am a 13yr old girl.I like going to the movies,reading,talking on the phone and hanging out with friends.To anyone out there please write you will always get a reply. Click here

My name is Thomas, I live in germany and I am 17 years old. My hobbies are surfing, playing tennis, listening music and meeting friends. Click here

jordan ross (usa); My name is jordan, I am 7 years old and will be in 2nd grade. I like Rugrats tv show and doing art projects. I also like my cyberpet. We swim a lot because it is so hot here in Tucson. I would love to get e-mail, I think it would help us learn to read better. Click here

Mari Laulumaa (female) 27 years old, Finland. Living now with her canadian husband in Montreal.Wants to have pen-pals from India,by email and/or snail-mail.Hobbies: animals and nature, photography, travelling, sports, collecting postcards, correspondence... Postal Address: 550 38th Ave/#A, Lachine, Quebec, H8T 2B8, Canada or for email Click here

Laura (Finland); Hello! My name is Laura and I am 22 years old. I love rain, music, icecream, swimming, following sports etc. I hope to hear from you soon!!!! Click here

Kristi Yuen (Malaysia); I'm a basic lady in the my early 20 that only interest in improving my mail writing skill and on the way wish to know more about different culture of other country (Ed: That's the spirit... knowing about different cultures). Click here

Andrew Larkin (Canada); I am an 11/m that loves fishing. Email me to find out more about me Click here

alex frye (usa); i am ten i like no doubt, spicegirls, (Ed: Whopeee!) and cats Click here

Reese Williamson (USA); Male, 12 years of age. I enjoy basketball, soccer and video games. I like Star Wars and Computers. Please Email me if you are Male or Female at age 12 Click here

My name is Kalyn Ruud. I am 11 years old. I live in Vigina, USA. I love to act, sing, write, read and tons of other stuff. I would like to here from anyone 10 and up. To email me Click here

Holly (USA); I am 13/f, brown hair, blue eyes, 5"3'. I like to play basketball and soccer. I love animals, I have 2 cats and 1 dog. Hope to hear for you. Click here

Hello! I would be happy to find some new email friends. My name is Henrik Olsson I am 40 years old and single male I'm living with my son David (14 y.o.) I like to be with my friends, music, cooking, books, I am interested in different cultures and religions, and different lifestyles in different countries. I am an engineer with my own consulting firm, in architecture. That makes me curious about different ways of living also. Have a great day Henrik Click here

I am a 14 year old male who likes computers and video games. Click here

Delia (Canada); i'm 12/f i like b-ball, hockey, bike riding, reading, country music, and almost anything. Click here

Naomi Parker (Canada); I am 10 years old, I like school and I like animals. I go to 4H & I take horse riding lessons. I like to ride my bike and go swimming. Click here

Eliza (USA); Hi, my name is Eliza and I'm 12 years old, and I'm going into 7th grade. I like going to the movies, shopping, being with my friends, rabbits and a LOT more I would like a snail mail pen pal (Ed: ok Angel, but where is your street address... ouch!) but email is OK (Ed: That's more like it). Click here

Felicia Moyers (USA); I love to write, so I will be faithful friends. I have a younger brother, and I love animals. I would like friends from all over the world, so all who are interested, please Click here

Cheryl (Canada); Hi I am 38/ mother/ grandmother of two. I like scifi, Stephen King, dogs, and surfing the net. Click here

LAMIYA (Bahrain); Hi! My name is Lamiya & I live in Bahrain. Iam 13 yrs old & I am girl. I lke playing tennin, volley ball,foot ball, swimming & collecting bottle tops.I have cat called Sabre and a goldfish called Blubber.Bye! Click here

Garrett Elliott (USA); I'm 18, about to enter college. I work for Outback Steakhouse and Vener selling Websites. 6'4" size 18 shoes. I love Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror. Click here

Brandy (USA); Hi! I'm a 14 y/o female, have a pet dog, love Mexican food, hate racism (Ed: Congrats), love any brand of music, love the colour purple and was born on the 19th of July 1983 (Ed: Great... I just found a B'day pal, I was born on the 19th of July 1954); I'm also known as computer angel and my hobbies are: swimming, reading, meeting penpals! Click here

Dunga Babu (Singapore); All are welcome to write to me, I am a non-vegetarian 26 year old male, hate alcohol and love food, my favourite colour is sky blue and I was born on the 30th of June. My hobbies are Movies Click here

Viana (Singapore); i'm a 13/f.loves sports, music, movies, hangin out with friends and surfin the net. write to me if u've got the wildness and adventure in you. Click here

Madhu (India); All are welcome to write to me, I am a 28 year old male, hate narrowmindedness and love people with a good sense of humor. My favourite pets are squirrels, love pizzas, my favourite colour is blue and I was born on the 13th of January. My hobbies are music , travelling, meeting new friends Click here

Arti Singhal (USA); Hi!! im looking for a penpal from asia. Im 14 and love tennis and badminton. Click here

Mary Sharp (USA); Hi! My name is Mary Sharp, and I LOVE to read. I like to collect porcelain dolls, and so far I have 11 so far. I love animals. I have one cat, one kitten, one-and-a-half dogs (email me to hear this story), (Ed: Going for the Guiness Book of World Records... phew!) one hamster, one fish, and a turtle. Plus, a snake lives under our house. I'm a big fan of Leonardo Di Caprio, and I'm a magician in training (Ed: Hey! where did my box of chocolates disappear???). If you don't have much in common with me, don't worry. opposites attract. My best friend is my exact opposite. Please email me; I've never had a penpal. Click here

Kerryn Wilson, (New Zealand); I am a 13 year old female looking for a pe4n pal i like rugby hockey surfing and any other sporting activities i would like a pen pal from any where in the world. A male if poss but anyone will do. (i will reply to all letters) Click here

Caley Warrington (U.K.); I'm 8 years old, I like making new friends and would like to write to anybody who's interested from anywhere in the world. Click here

Angus (U.K.); I am a 32 year old male, hate someone who not honest, and love ambitous people. I love Chicken Rice & Peas, my favourite colour is red and I was born on the 20th of July (Ed: tch... tch... just missed me by a day, if the number of years were not taken into account). I love music by Denis Brown & my hobbies are Listening to Reggae/Soul Music, Cooking & travelling Click here

Marianne (USA); I am a 15 year old femalen form Florida. I am 5'5, 130lbs, green eyes, and red hair. My favorite music groups are KoRn and Nirvana. Well I am looking for a dependable pen pal so write to me Click here

Ushita (USA); I am a 30 year old girl, hate any kind of falseness, lazy and insecure people, and love honest people, I love Indian vegetarian food, my favourite colour is pink and the colours of the earth, and I was born on the 18th of Jan., My favourite pets are dogs. My hobbies are reading, spending time with friends, walk around town with friends I hope to be able to meet people who i can be friends with and talk about things. its just nice to know more people and make friends. i am always open to making new friends, and i respect the concept of friendship and the fact that every new friendship teaches us something interesting. (Ed: you just won the gold medal dear... superb ambitions) Click here

Amber (USA); I am a 13 year old girl, I hate Country music (Love Bush) and really perky people and i like real friends, alternative music, concerts, my favourite colour... all dark colours and I was born on the 4th of May. My favourite pets are fishes. My hobbies are making music, reading, writing. mail: i also like the bands Garbage, Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, Radio Iodine, 311, Soul Kiss, Our Lady Peace, Poe, & Alice in Chains, but i really really love Bush. Click here

Amanda Michelii )USA); I like horses, I barrel race, enjoy rodeos am a 12 year old girl, (Please, No guys writing me please) Im looking for a girl penpal that likes horses, music, rodeos, ect. I like alternative music. Click here

Chandima (Scotland); I am a 32 years old male, hate Falsehood, like Truth, Goodness and Beauty. My favourite pets are dogs, love Sri-Lankan food, favourite colour is blue and was born on the 3rd of April 1965 I like Reading and Photography. Would like to have pen friends around the world - any sex, age, colour, creed, nationality. Click here

Paul (U.K.); I am a 37 years old male, hate Smoking, polution, cruelty, ageism, drunks, people who look down on others, (Ed: Clap! Clap! Clap!) like Life loyalty, clean living, honesty, Oriental. Sense of humour, Having a good laugh. My fav. music is Texas, like Indian food, favourite pets are dogs, DOB: 12 03 1960 and fav. colour is blue. Hobbies include: Reading, mountain biking, rugby, nature, animals. I'm not a materialistic person I take more pride in my mountain bike than my car, I love to laugh and make other people laugh.I'm also new to this game which makes me a pretty useless typer (Ed: Practice makes one perfect). Click here

Don Kinsey (USA); (M66); new to the web. retired and an avid golfer. curious as to what is out here. Click here

Anthony, (USA); (M-14); I play soccer and try to golf. I lie to listen to music and kick it with my friends. I have blond hair and blue eyes I'm skinny and tall Click here

Brian Jacobsen, (USA), (M-16); i like to sk8board and goto punk and ska shows i also love to skank i will write through email or snail mail some1 around my age would be cool too but anyone can write i garuantee spelling! a reply but not if you are a pervert (Ed: don't worry pal, we kick out all of them). Click here

Giancarlo Flores (Peru); I am 33 years old, peruvian, physician, single, 5 feet 8 inches tall, honest. I like classical rock, play the piano, travel, movies. Looking for new friends. Click here

Al Bertrand, (Canada); I'm a 35 year old male who has many interests: Travelling, music, stamps, backpacking. I speak French, German and some Spanish. Click here

Blake Blackwell, (USA); I like to run a lot, play piano, work at McDonald's go out with friends, watch movies, etc., etc. How about you? I like to write to people who write long letters because I do. Click here

Heather O'Neil, (Canada); I have brown hair and brown eyes I'm 5'ft 14 years of age. I love writing letter mail/email letters. i have 3 pets. 2 are my sisters. My hobbies are writing poetry and collecting Hanson pictures. My favorite band is HANSON in case you didn't know. i also like other bands such as Nirvana, BushX etc. Anyone who is interested on being Penpals feel free to write. Click here

Mayrin, (Singapore); I am a 17 year old girl from Singapore and I love music, cycling, animals as well as nature. I would love to correspond with anyone who is learning Karate (Ed: aiyeee hah yeo) or have the slightest interest in the art. And I will reply to everyone who writes to me. Click here

David, (England); Male, interested in ancient civilisations, mysteries and many many more things Click here

Rumen Kolev, (Bulgaria), (M-29); Hi! I'm from Bulgaria and know the following languages: russian, english, deutsch. My hobbies are: stamps, viewcards, phonecards, music, correspondence. Guaranteed answer on all letters by email. Click here

Delvin; 27 year old, Male in Engineering field, interested in corresponding with female pals all over the world. Click here

Treva, (USA); I am 24 years old, married, 2 children,and I love computers! Click here

Kristin, (USA); I am a 15 year old female. I like to hang out with my friends, watch movies and have fun. I am looking for girl or boy penpals ages 14-16. I hope to hear from you soon. Click here

Joe Skillman, (USA); I enjoy hiking, camping,fishing, and doing just about anything outdoors. I love sports, especially basketball and football. I love all sorts of music (except rap), especially alternative and country. Pretty wierd huh? I also enjoy going to the movies and just hanging out with friends Anyone is welcome to Email me and trust me, I will respond. Click here

Jacinda, (USA);I am an American that is interested in making friends and contacts from around the world. I enjoy tennis, theatre, music, and traveling. I would especially like to work on my Spanish, so if anyone here is from Mexico or Spain (or speak Spanish for that matter) drop me a line. Click here

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