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A new addition to Colorado of beautifully preserved dinosaur tracks, palm fronds and possibly even raindrops all nearly 70 million years old can now be seen at the Fossil Trace Golf Course in Golden, Colorado.  The first public glimpse of these wonderful fossils occurred on November 9, 2002.  The following are a few photos from this trip.

Above and to the left are some general views of the outcrop of the Laramie Formation (Upper Cretaceous) surrounded by the newly constructed golf course.  The crane above was used in the mining of clay from between the sandstone layers which are much more resistant.  This area was part of the Parfet Clay Pits which has been owned and mined by the Parfet family since 1877.  The clay was used primarily for brick and sewer pipe.  Notable uses of the bricks were for the construction of the Governor's mansion, East and South High Schools in Denver, and the Hall of Justice in Golden.

The Hadrosaur Pit

The Triceratops Tracks

The Palms


Directions:  Turn east off 6th Avenue (Hwy 6) onto 19th Street.  Turn right immediately after Golden Ford (Illinois Street is too far). Parking is available in the field.  Follow the concrete bike path to the tent (when there is an organized tour).