10 POINTS    Group work   45 minutes


1.Prepare grades (on a scale of 100) for each of your students. Use a separate card for each student, and divide the stack according to teacher. Be sure to put your own name on each grade card. Give a one or two sentence explanation of each grade. Every group member will get the same grade for this. Be sure you are all in agreement about the grades.


5 POINTS      Individual work    10-15 minutes


2. Comment on the evaluations you received from your seminar students. Were the criticisms justified? Was the praise justified? Why or why not?


10 POINTS     Individual work    35-40 minutes



3. What was particularly successful about your seminar? Give specific examples of students or comments to prove your point.



4. What was least successful about your seminar? Again, give specifics.


5. What would you advise next year’s teachers to do to ensure as successful a seminar as possible? What would you have them do differently? The same? Be specific.