PURPOSE:    To continue your exploration into the world of politics and elections

ASSIGNMENT:    Arraign and label your assignments by section in order (by number) to the following guide -

  1. BOOK RESPONSES - Two typed, one page summaries (from the summer assignment)
  2. BOOK PRESENTATIONS AND VISUAL - present in class during the quarter on one of the two political books assigned for the summer assignment.
  3. FEDERAL HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DISTRICT PROFILE - Select one House of Representatives district* not selected by anyone else in any of Mr. Addie's government classes (signup is first come/first serve) and print/cut & paste the following on ONE PAGE (front and back maximum). Use bullets (single spaced) if typing:


(Both have every district profile)

  1. PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE PROFILE - Select one ticket running for the office of President and Vice-President.  Print/cut & paste the following on TWO PAGES MAXIMUM (front and back) for both the President and Vice President.  Use bullets (single spaced) if typing:


  1. TOPIC RESEARCH FOR YOUR MODEL CONGRESS BILL - choose four topics relevant to U.S./VA government policy and prepare four typed, 10-12 font, single spaced, bullet form, one page summaries of the background and points involved in each topic. * (FOUR TOPICS, FOUR ONE PAGE SUMMARIES) Print your summaries on the front and back of each page - two pages maximum. *(You may use one of these four topics to form the basis of your research paper and bill concerning the 3rd quarter Model Congress project)



6.     SAMPLE BALLOT - obtain a copy (8 X 11) of the sample ballot for the November 7TH, 2000 election for your Fairfax County voting district (see your voter registration card or your parents card). Include all candidates, bond questions and constitutional questions. Reproduce on one page (both sides) if needed.

GRADING - a separate assessment sheet will be used to evaluate the seven requirements for the Campaign "2000" Portfolio project.  A sample of this sheet is on the website.   Use this as a guide to help complete your project.


The project is due on or BEFORE:    10/26/00 (B)       10/27/00 (G)