Your summer assignment will begin the thoughtful connections you will be making as you look at literature and society during the year.  These assignments include the required AP summer assignments for each discipline along with the first of several connecting assignments between the two disciplines.  These assignments are to be completed over the summer (do not wait until the last minute), due the first day of class,  and will be evaluated as part of your first quarter grade.


1.  1984 by George Orwell

2.  Their Eyes were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

3.       Two Additional Non-fiction Books of your choice (one must be on the media) - 1995 to the

present (political science/ government type books) from the following policy areas:

    A.  Elections, Media, Interest Groups, Money in Politics

    B.  Parties, Third Parties, Politics, Campaigning, Conventions

    C.  Congress, Presidency, Supreme Court

    D.  Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, Criminal Justice System

    (See < Amazon.com > or other online book lists for possible choices – follow menu and click on




1.       Senior Seminar Summer Connecting Log #1 on 1984 (1 - 2 pages typed, double spaced) answering the following:

     - In 1984, how does the government manipulate public opinion? (1st paragraph of the log)

     - In today’s society, how do media and government manipulate public opinion to achieve a

       desired effect?  Choose two specific examples from your non-fiction summer book readings

       to illustrate. (remainder of the 1-2 page log) (see Connecting Log scoring guidelines sheet)


2.  Senior Seminar Summer Connecting Log #2 on Their Eyes were Watching God - (1-2  pages typed, double-spaced, answering the following:

     - In Their Eyes were Watching God, Janie has what options in making changes in her life?

       (1st paragraph of the log)

     - In a society where not everyone is protected by the courts and laws, how could you effect

       change?  If you choose, you may use examples from your non-fiction reading to support

       your points. (remainder of the 1-2 page log)(see Connecting Log scoring guidelines sheet)


3.  Book Responses  In a typed, double spaced, one page format, give your reactions to each

     of the non-fiction government books you read with specific examples to illustrate.  Use the following as a guide: - What did you like about the book? - What did you find questionable? -

                  - Did the author’s points fit or challenge your preconceptions? -

     (provide a thoughtful, well-organized response that includes these points for each book)

     ( must include a copy of a professional book review on ONE of your choices)


4.      Book Presentation – choose one of the non-fiction government books - prepare a 2 minute

oral presentation with a visual that sums up what you feel is the most important point the book is making.  Be creative with your visual.  Presentations will be given during the 1st week of school.