1. Explain the four major origins of political attitudes along with the three most important cleavages in Public opinion discussed in Wilson. Give specifics from Wilson and class to support your answer.

2. AP TEST QUESTION (Required) In recent years, poll-taking has increased in scope and importance. Using scientific methodology and computer technology, professional pollsters such as Gallup, CNN, and daily newspapers claim to have "mastered" the art of measuring public opinion. Explain how an understanding of the following aspects is essential when looking at political polls to determine the accuracy of this "mastery" claim.

    1. qualities that are measured in polls
    2. key elements you should consider when looking at political polls
    3. criticisms or weaknesses of political polls

3. Why are the words "liberal" and "conservative" as vague as they are indispensable in describing political ideology? Provide specifics and explanations from Wilson's categories, class exercises and overheads, and the Lasser reading to support your answer.

4. ."many observers blame low voter turnout on voter apathy and urge the government and private groups to mount campaigns to"get out the vote".. Explain what is wrong with this view of nonvoting. Give specifics from Wilson and the overheads from class to support your answer.

5. Explain the forms and causes of political participation discussed in Wilson. Which forms and causes best identify you and your family?

6. AP TEST QUESTION (Required) Elections in the United States are characterized by low voter turnout. Discuss TWO demographic characteristics associated with nonvoting and THREE institutional obstacles associated with nonvoting. (1998 AP test question)