1.      Explain the evolving meaning of federalism from an historical perspective.  Include specifics on the following:  dual federalism - layer cake federalism - marble cake federalism - new federalism (federal mandates, Unfunded Mandates Law 1995)


2.      Explain the constitutional issues the Supreme Court has wrestled with concerning the balance

between  federal and state powers through judicial federalism of the 1990s.  Give specific

cases from the Lasser reading to support your answer.


3.      Explain the “devolution” of federalism responsibilities since the 1994 election.  Give specifics

from Wilson and Lasser to support your answer.


4.      AP QUESTION (Required)  Analyze the effects of federalism on contemporary policy-making in TWO of the following areas:  A.  Civil Rights Policy  B.  Social Welfare Policy  C.  Environmental Policy.    In your answer, include a brief definition of federalism and use specific examples of its impact on policy-making in the TWO areas you select.  Your essay should focus on the analysis of the contemporary political effects of federalism and should NOT be a historical examination of the development of federalism.


5.      AP QUESTION (Required)  Analyze whether federalism, over the last twenty-five years, has changed due to the increase in federal mandates on state and local governments.  In your essay, identify one federal mandate and discuss each of the following with respect to the mandate you have identified.

  1. The objectives of the federal government in enacting the mandate
  2. The impact on state and local government budget priorities as a result of the mandate
  3. The potential consequences of the removal of the mandate

Generalizing from your discussion in (a), (b), and (c), assess the impact of increased federal

mandates on federalism.