1.      Explain the three major parts of the Constitution.  Include the general topic for each


2.      Explain the six major principles of the Constitution.  Also explain with examples how these principles reflected the Framers’ solution to the complex problems of a representative government.

3.      Explain in chart form with examples how the system of checks and balances operates.

Also explain how this system supports the theory of separation of powers.

4.      Explain the chief powers and functions of each of the three branches of the federal

government.  Also explain how each branches’ powers are “elastic”.

5.      Explain in chart form with examples how the process for amending the Constitution

operates.  Why is the constitutional convention method of this process controversial?

6.      Explain how “informal changes” to the Constitution have made it a “living

Document”.  Give specific examples to support your answer.

7.      Explain the three major groupings of the 27 amendments to the Federal Constitution.

Provide the amendments under each group in chart or essay form.