1. Explain how "your" bill passed through the various stages of the bill passage process. Give specifics on the "official" steps, the "hidden" steps, and the "factors for success". (take-home essay due on test date 1/10)
  2. Explain how Congress handles tax and spending bills. Give specifics on the committees and procedures involved.
  3. What factors must a member of Congress weigh concerning the decisions required of their job?
  4. How do members of Congress help their constituents AND their district or state?

Concurrent resolution - first reading - House Ways and Means Committee - the closed rule - relationship between spending for uncontrollables and previous legislation - relationship between business and Republicans - relationship between Congressional support for foreign policy actions by the President and public opinion - PACs - caseworkers - federal grants and contracts as a source for federal money and jobs for states and districts - public bills - private bills - uncontrollables - examples of entitlements - powers of the appropriations committees - lobbyists - relationship between Democrats and social welfare programs - importance of federal grants and contracts to lawmakers - pork-barrel legislation - joint resolutions - hearings - methods of senatorial voting - line-item veto - taxes - relationship between a department spending money and congressional approval - entitlements - basis for the legal requirement to spending for uncontrollables - relationship between Congressional votes and the needs of their districts or state - influences on lawmaker's voting behavior - reasons lawmakers vote along party lines -