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Society and Culture

Chowk is a wonderful site with articles on social,and political issues of Pakistan( and of desis in general), recipies, a virtual art gallery for amateur artists and much more.
- Lifestyles and Fashion magazine for North Americans of Indian Sub-Continent Heritage
  The Sohni Dharti Page has many beautiful pictures of Pakistan

GenerationTV- online Desi TV
View the Taj Mahal Virtually
Azadi- The Pakistani Portal
Academy of Punjab in North America- Academic and Poetry Discussions related to the Punjabi Language.

M.F. Hussain

Desi Recipies

Recipies of Indian Dishes
  SouthAsia Net: Recipie Listings

Pakistani Magazines



Urdu is a language spoken by many Pakistanis and Indian Muslims.
It's a language that is derived from Hindi, Farsi, Arabic and Turkish.

Urdu Fonts

Khat-e-Naqsh Font

Urdu Learning Resources

 Urdu Resource List
Urdu and Hindi Resource List
Indian Languages: Urdu
  A Web of Online Dictionaries - Has many Languages including Urdu

Urdu Poetry

Compiled by: Saleem Abubakar Khanani

Online Urdu Magazines

Khushbu Al Qamar

Classical Music

RagaNet:An E-Zine on the Music and Fine Arts of India


Pak Canada is a page especially for Pakistanis within Pakistan or abroad. Contains links to PIA flight schedule, Canadian Immigration, Community events ,Desi shopping malls and more!
PakBiz is a listing of businesses in Pakistan
Pakistan Travel Web
Pakistan Tourism Information for the tourist to Pakistan

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