Herman L. Fontenot

A short personal introduction

My friends call me Herman. By day, I work for the U.S. Postal Service. Evenings and non-scheduled days have often been devoted to my CPA sole proprietorship practice.

My wife and two children and I (see pictures) live in the semi-tropical Coastal Texas area. Our home is in Humble, Texas, just a few miles north of Houston in a community known as Atascocita.

I like reading the Great Books, but I prefer those a little easier to read, e.g., Moby Dick, Don Quixote, Tom Jones, War and Peace, The Brothers Karamazov, The Canterbury Tales, and Gulliver's Travels. I have even read the Odyssey "just for fun." I've spent a few hours in Plutarch, Dante, Freud, Aquinas, and St. Augustine. These are a little harder than the ones I favor. Sometimes I even read popular fiction for entertainment.

My wife, Kathy, is the love of my life. Our 13-year old daughter and 12-year old son are the spice of our suburban lives. Kathy's home page will not likely contain any opinions about the Great Books. We're different. We kid each other about our home state mottos being different: Mine, from Louisiana, is Laissez les bon temps roullez! (Let the good times roll!); and hers, from Kansas, is not too similar: Ad astra per aspera! (To the stars through difficulties!)! She has a knack for finding really interesting places on the web, though, and you must give her page a ring by clicking on her name or going later to:


Our children keep us running to Webelos Cub Scout, gymnastic, and piano lesson engagements. We have seen the Astrodome, but we prefer the Six Flags Astroworld theme park most of all. Ask us about Water World, Splash Town, Lazer Rage, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, or Galveston's Moody Park complex. We could instantly fill the car with volunteers to attend any of the above.

I began putting things on my home page in late 1996, and many things may look and feel (and sound?) somewhat awkward. It may also seem like a mansion filled with a pool table and a lamp. Patience. These details will be corrected as time permits. Graphics are slowly starting to appear. Got to work on getting more graphics, Herman!

Bon Voyage!

Please e-mail comments to: hfontenothsd@earthlink.net.

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