My Publications

  1. Öztürk, H. K., A Computational Study of Flow and Heat Transfer in Gas Turbine Axial Compressor Stator-Wells, (PhD Thesis), University of Sussex School of Engineering, October 1997.
  2. Öztürk, H.K., Childs, P.R.N., Turner, A.B., 1997, Numerical Solution of Flow and Heat Transfer in Axial Compressor Stator Well, 5th UK National Heat Transfer Conference, London, UK.
  3. Öztürk, H.K., Turner, A.B.,Childs, P.R.N., 1997, Numerical Prediction of Axial Compressor Stator Well Flows, International Symposium on Advance in Computational Heat Transfer, Çeşme, Turkey.
  4. Öztürk, H.K., Childs, P.R.N., Turner, A.B., Hannis, J.M. and Turner, J.R., 1998, A Three Dimensional Computational Study of Windage Heating within an Axial Compressor Stator Well, ASME International Gas Turbine & Aeroengine Congress & Exhibition, Stocholm, Sweden.
  5. Öztürk, H.K., 1998, Numerical Prediction of Leakage Flow and Windage Heating for Various Labyrinth Seal Geometries. TİEES-98 Second Trabzon International and Environment Symposium, Trabzon, Turkey.
  6. Öztürk, H.K., 1998, Numerical Solution of Labyrinth Flow for the Constant Pitch and Constant Length Labyrinth, CSME Forum 98 Symposium on on Thermal and Fluid Engineering, Toronto, Canada.