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Lark Ritchie's 'Project Friday-Decision' Pages

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Friday-Decision Central

These pages are a resource repository for Northern Ontario Guides, Outfitters, and Hunters, Fishing enthusiasts, members of the collective hunting culture the world over; and those of like mind. (If you are real nosy, you can find out more about me by scrolling to the bottom of this page, and jump to 'Lark's Home Page.')

Our objective? To voice opposition to Ontario's Premier Mike Harris', and his minister of Natural Resources, John Snobelen's ludicrous decision to end Ontario's Spring Bear Hunt and cause this act of political negligence to be rescinded.

The decision was announced Friday, January 15, 1999, by John Snobelen, hence the project name 'Friday Decision.'

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Table of Contents - Updated June 15, 2000

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News Articles & Updates

Snobelen Double-Speak
More - But Closer to Something Else?

'Numbers Twisted' - Toronto Star

New Population Estimates Much Higher - Aug 23/99
An Overview of the Activities from Gateway Library
My First Reaction
January 16th, 1999
A Quick Knee-Jerk Reaction

Letter to Editor - Timmins Daily Press.
Project Friday - Problem Analysis
Determining Root Cause
Using a Hunting Perspective

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My Path To Abandonment
A day-by-day-Log
and consideration of a new direction
for a hunting sub-culture

$Estimates$ of Loss
Just a first look
Offer From Canadian Federation of Independent Business

Things you should Consider
We need Solid Thinking Before we move.
Spend some time on this set of pages

The Three Fundamental Issues..
My Personal ERB Letter
Feb. 19 was Last Day...

What Clients Say..
Comments from the 'Net
Worth a Read!

How MNR Minister John Snobelen Writes 2 Letters in One...
Animal Alliance Home Page
Kentucky Game Commission and Fund for Animals

An Actual Letter To Gov't
A Sample For You
Write! Don't Just Read!
Ontario Municipalities Here!

Letter from David Ramsay, MPP, Timiskaming

Animal Rights Movement. A Threat to Culture?
How to Recognize and Deal With Propaganda
A Sampling of Activist Material

Names & Addresses
Ont Gov't Officials
Write! Don't Just Read!
E-mail Addresses For Papers and Tourism Organizations

Black Bear Encounters
John R. Hunt... From Cobalt - June 2000
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Names & Addresses
Guides & Outfitters
OFAH, True North, Etc.

Meditations and
A Mini-Rest...

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