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God is universal. Religions are equal but separate pathways we choose to travel to learn of ourselves, and to seek God. Earth is our home. It provides us Nature's bounty, and we in return should nurture it. And there is but one Tribe of people here on Earth. They are called the Human Race.

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The Black Hole Submission Page

The Three Wise Men invite you to use the
Black Hole

The Black Hole has been created through the combined energies of the Three Wise Men to act as an eternal sealing place for all evils. If you have a personal burden that you wish to discard, if you have a problem you see in our world that you wish to get rid of, or if you just need to get anything else off of your mind and send it away for all eternity, the Black Hole is the perfect place for it.

Entry Form

Name (First Name Only. Not Required.):

State Or Country:

I Want To Get Rid Of: (5000 Character Max):



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