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God is universal. Religions are equal but separate pathways we choose to travel to learn of ourselves, and to seek God. Earth is our home. It provides us Nature's bounty, and we in return should nurture it. And there is but one Tribe of people here on Earth. They are called the Human Race.

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The Three Wise Men invite you to make a
wish for humanity.

Do you have a wish for the Human Race that you would like to see on the Three Wise Men Site? If you do then accept our invitation to make that wish known all around the world by using the form below.

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The Wish List

That all men would see themselves moment by moment in mirrors. As reflections of what they could be, as reflections of what others see and as reflections of what God sees. Nannah, Canada

I wish that people would take the time out to help those in need of help. Anonymous, Indiana

Prosperity, good health for all Mike, USA

Peace on earth! Jane, Canada

I wish we all could live together as a family, each one looking after the needs of the other. I wish we would all have the faith to let God reign supreme in our lives. I wish we could all feel His glory each day as if we were holding our hands to the heavens. I wish we would all believe in Him and go to sleep peacefully each night. Linda, Kentucky

End Violence Kim, Utah

I hope for world peace, a cure for cancer and other deadly diseases. Rose, New York

Just wit and happiness. Nicola A., Romania

Charity, Compassion, Patience, No more hunger, No more homeless. Floater, USA

Food for North Korea....a good harvest at North Korea will feed their people, such that everyone had enough food. Jose, Puerto Rico

That all people have the chance to reach their own potential, alowing them dignity and self respect and to respect others. Mark, New Brunswick

Live in peace. Anonymous, Dubai

That the whole world would experience the peace that can only be brought by Jesus Christ. Laura, Del City, Oklahoma

I wish to rid the world of mold spores. Biff, NY

Peace and love... Mario, Puerto Rico

That people should try to say something nice to a loved one. Lacieanne, Ohio

For everybody to see what they are doing to the world. Nicky, America

God will come very soon. Anonymous, Canada

That people would understand the concept of love. Paul, Ohio

People who want to change the world would start with themselves. Bob, Alberta, Canada

The world would live in peace and an end to child abuse. Anonymous, Indiana

I wish those who abuse in any way babies, little children and other helpless victims, even animals come to justice. I also wish that suffering of infants and children due to unjust laws, stupid beliefs or just ignorance be stopped immediately. Alberta, Malta

For all alcoholics to find Jesus Christ in their lives and reach out in his love to one another. Let all live with Him and in Him! Harold, Wisconsin

Is that the world could make peace and no wars. Meghan, USA

I wish for morality. Christine, California

I want everyone to love everyone else like they should love God!!! Ri, Illinois

Race, religion, and gender were not asked on any forms whatsoever. Then we can truly get to know who we are. Katinka, California

For everyone to try to befriend everyone no matter who they are. If it is someone who is doing wrong at least pray for them. Get to know them. Roxanne, New Jersey

Morality abound. Marcus, Nevada

I wish that the barriers that are causing all the problems would come down and we all could see that we all are basically alike and we all have a need of being accepted. Anonymous

A clear picture of God's will for each life. Charlene, USA

I wish that we can save our children. I wish that love would replace hate. I wish that I could find a answer to the anger of our children. I wish that the weapons of death were destroyed. I wish that not one more child picks up a gun. I pray God will guide us, to direct us and save us. Katy, Indiana

I wish that land had no ownership throughout the world and then maybe PEACE would come to many. People need to realize that we really do not own the land, for it will be here long long after we are gone! Enjoy the land and appreciate the many people living on the land, no matter where in this world land is to be enjoyed not destroyed or fought over. Anonymous, Indiana

I wish that people cared more about each other and making each other more happy. Veronica, Washington

I wish that people could set apart sometime and dedicate it to the homeless and to the children in need across the world. Natalia, Puerto Rico

That everyone would think less, much less about attaining comfort, prestige, and respect to pursue projects that add to spreading the wealth and to spreading our blessings...and to find joy in doing just that. Anonymous, Korea


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