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God is universal. Religions are equal but separate pathways we choose to travel to learn of ourselves, and to seek God. Earth is our home. It provides us Nature's bounty, and we in return should nurture it. And there is but one Tribe of people here on Earth. They are called the Human Race.

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The Three Wise Men invite send
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There are many of you who possess a visionary ability that can be labeled as prophetic. Many human beings ignore this ability, but there are those of you out there who do not. You know and recognize when something is being shown or foretold to you and you realize that it has a purpose. This feature of the Three Wise Men Site is your place to reveal those prophecies for the Earth and Humanity. Please use the form below.

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The Prophecy List

There will be peace soon. Hank, TN

God Almighty is coming soon. Anonymous, Florida

There will be a perceptual realization of cognition. The sound and its affect. The vibration of a thought will be all that is needed to propel one to whatever relaity. All this will be done because of a renunciation of the consumer ethic to satiate our senses beyond their basic needs and to focus and concentrate our energies in the stirrings of our soul. We will come to know of our extraterrestrial genetic ties and our eternal existence and reincarnations as missions for the sublime and campaigns to reach the asymptotic apex of our bio-chem capabilities. Merlin, Virginia

Israel & believers will be safe in the Holy City, established by the second coming of Christ , before gog invades and fights his enemies. Lisa, USA

Jesus will return to the earth one of these days. Amb, USA


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