This is one of my more exotic languages. It is a visual language based on color.

The main language of the northern continent serves as a general means of communication throughout B-G-2-3. It is this language in its standard dialect which will be discribed here. Some of the other languages, especially those of the southern half of the western continent and the north-eastern island chains, make use of a number of other colors and patterns. Unfortunately, these languages are not understood well enough to discribe them at this time.
The following colors are used:

The following "patterns" are used:

These colors and patterns are combined to present "syllables." Each color must of necessity be presented in one of the patterns. Conversely the patterns may not be presented without recourse to one of the colors. The transcription system used in this page follows that used by the native writing system in that the symbol for the color is always presented first with the symbol for the pattern following. In "polysylabic" words the symbols for each of the colors is written first followed in order by the symbol for the pattern which presents it. (eg. B-G-2-3) Once again this is done to conform to the native writing system in hopes that this will make easier the task of learning the native script for those who wish to make the effort to do so.

If you would like to see how this language functions on a discourse level, take a look at this sample text.


This is a short glossary of the lexical items presented in the sample text. It is presented in typical "rainbow order."


R-6 accumulate
R-9 long ago


T-6 plan
T-9 enter


O-4 recieve


D-4 many/alot
D-6 obigatory particle


Y-8 abroad
Y-8 find
Y-12 day


C-1 emptiness
C-6 family
C-8 seek
C-O-5-5 be flat


G-1 land/ground
G-9 when
G-B-G-4-4-4 paralell to the river


A-5 past perfect marker
A-7 past continuous marker
A-11 future progressive marker
A-12 present continuous marker


B-2 see
B-11 birth


I-1 first person singular pronoun
I-4 third person singular pronoun
I-8 you
I-Y-10-5 genuine


V-12 a name


F-5 live


S-7 trek
S-8 walk
S-11 a name
S-12 few
S-A-12-3 think


X-12 bedadictiv particle
X-R-10-8 city
X-G-10-6 merchant
X-G-11-7 treasure
X-X-11-12 gold

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