Introduction to Graavgaaln:
The Warrior's Language

Background of the language:
Graavgaaln is the most important language of the Graavg'uurdaan home world, Khaalegh. It is the native tongue of slightly over 2.3 billion Graavg'uurdaan living mainly on the Eastern Continent, the western two-thirds of the Nortwestern Continent and their associated islands.
The Graavgaln language is spoken by an additional 1.5 billion Graavg'uurdaann living on the Graavg'uurdan colony worlds.
Graavgaaln is also spoken by approximately 3.6 billion Graavg'uurdaan as a second language. Additionally, something over 5 billion members of various subjegated races speak Graavgaaln in order to communicate with their rulers.

The Graavgaaln alphabet:
The Graavgaln alphabet is a modification of the Hhaakadh alphabet used for writing the now extinct Hhaakazhnaa language of the Central Lake District of the Eastern Continent, which was, itself, a modification of the Ushtll alphabet still used by the Ungshtark tribe on Uvagha Island.
To view the native script try here. The following is a romanization of the native script and a phonetic enventory.

Graavgaaln grammar:

Graavgaaln is an SOV language. It has some features commonly identified as inflecting some which would be identified as aglutinating and others common to isolating languages. Word order is not free.


Nouns are marked for the plural. Nouns are not marked for case.


Pronouns are differentiated for sex and caste. They are marked for case.


Verbs are marked for subject agreement, tense and aspect.


Adjectives are not marked for any type of agreement.


Adverbs are not marked for any type of agreement and are freequently morphologically identical to adjectives.


Graavg'aaln has a large inventory of conjunctions.


Graavg'aaln has an enormous inventory of interjections and invectives.