AP Psychology - 1st Semester

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Course Outline

I. Introduction to Psychology

A. What is Psychology? (History of Psychology Journal, Psychology Hall of Fame, History & Philosophy of Psychology, Wilhelm Wundt, Structuralism, Functionalism, What is Functionalism?, Behaviorism John B. Watson)
B. Methodology ( Research Methods, Ethics)

II. Our Physical World: Biological Basis

A. The Brain ( Neuron Tutorial, Human Brain Atlas, Neuroscience for Kids, Brain Briefings, Explore the Brain and Spinal Cord, Dissections of a Human Brain, Alzheimer's Disease)
B. Senses (Sensation and Perception Homepage, Seeing, Hearing & Smelling the World, Color Aftereffect, Hearing Anatomy, Olfaction, Gustation Auditory & Vestibular Pathways, Vestibular Sense Balance & Equilibrium)

III. Our Perceived World

A. Perception (Sensation and Perception Tutorials, Gestalt Psychology, Extrasensory Perception)
B. Consciousness ( Journal of Consciousness, Papers on Consciousness, Aristotle's On Dreams, Dream Central, Carl Jung, Jung & Dreams, Dream Emporium, Hypnosis)

IV. Processing and Manipulating our World

A. Learning (Behaviorism, Behavioral Thought, B.F. Skinner & Operant Conditioning, B.F. Skinner)
B. Memory ( Memory and Cognition, 7+2, The Art of Memory, Memory Page, Memory Techniques & Mnemonics, Test your Memory, Contributions of Memory by Hermann Ebbinghaus, Repressed Memories, Amnesia, Recent Discoveries in Amnesia)

V. Our Shared World

A. Cognition & Language(Cognitive Psych Online Lab, Mind Tools, More Mind Tools, Creativity Web, Infant Cognition, Biases in Language, Noam Chomsky, Language and Cognitive Neuroscience Lab)
B. Emotion and Motivation (Neurochemical Basis of Motivation and Learning Laboratory, Paul Ekman, Emotional IQ Test)

Here is a list of Assignments for AP Psych Class

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