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Electronic Texts in Tamil
This page provides information and pointers to a collection of electronic texts in Tamil that are available as part of the Tamil Electronic Library Collections. The idea of building a collection of Etexts in Tamil was first floated through a posting in the newsgroup soc. culture.tamil in May 1994 and the first collection of etexts in tamil were made available at this site on 23 May 1995. The building up of this Etext library is largely a one-man effort (as a Hobby) and hence the growth is rather slow.
Copyright of Etexts
Electronic Texts of Tamil Literature (in mylai font and transliterated formats) distributed through these web pages are the private collections of the author, made available to the internet community for personal/private or non-commercial use. Redistribution or Reproduction of these files in any electronic media (diskettes, CD-ROM etc.) for commercial purposes is not permitted without the explicit permission of the author.
Format of Etexts
Electronic form of tamil literary works have been prepared by typing in the tamil work using the tamil font Mylai and are presented in Tamil Script as Webpages. Mylai Tamil Font is available FREE for use on Windows (3.x, 95, NT), Macintosh and Unix Platforms and can be downloaded directly from internet. Please consult the Mylai Webpage for details.
Once you have the Mylai tamil font installed on your computer, the tamil etexts will be displayed automatically in tamil script. You can print a copy of the tamil etext directly from the webpage or save a copy locally (use the "text" save mode and not "source" mode!).
Project Madurai Since Jan 1998, I have been leading an Internet-based voluntary initiative Project Madurai devoted to preparation of electronic texts of Tamil Literary works and to distribute them free on the Net. Electronic texts of over 150 Tamil literary works are now available at Project Madurai website. In view of this engagement, I have discontinued distribution of etexts in Mylai format. Please visit Project Madurai website (www.projectmadurai.org) for details.
List of Tamil Etexts
currently available as webpages
thirukural of thiruvaLLuvar
  • thirukuRaL of thiruvalluvar-part I (verses 1-240)
  • thirukuRaL of thiruvalluvar-part II (verses 241-480)
  • thirukuRaL of thiruvalluvar-part III (verses 481-800)
  • thirukuRaL of thiruvalluvar-part IV (verses 801-1080)
  • thirukuRaL of thiruvalluvar-part IV (verses 1081-1330)

    thEvAram of cambandar, appar and cundarar - thirumarai (1-7)
  • thEvAram-cambandar(select collection)
  • thEvAram-appar(select collection)
  • thEvAram-cundarar(select collection)

    thiruvAcakam of mANicka vAcakar - 8th thirumarai
  • thiruvaachakam-maaNicka vaacakar-part I(hymns 1-4, verses 1-4)
  • thiruvaachakam-maaNicka vaacakar-part II(hymn 5, verses 5-104)
  • thiruvaachakam-maaNicka vaacakar-part III(hymns 6-8, verses 105-194)
  • thiruvaachakam-maaNicka vaacakar-part IV(hymns 9-16, verses 195-334)
  • thiruvaachakam-maaNicka vaacakar-part V(hymns 17-27, verses 335-447)
  • thiruvaachakam-maaNicka vaacakar-part VI(hymns 28-40, verses 448-568)
  • thiruvaachakam-maaNicka vaacakar-part VI(hymns 41-51, verses 569-661)

    works that are part of 9th thirumarai
  • thiruisappa

    thirumanthiram of thirumUlar - thirumarai (10)
  • thirumanthiram of thirumoolar-part I(paayiram & muthal thanthiram, verses 1-170)
  • thirumanthiram of thirumoolar-part II(muthal thanthiram (contd), verses 171-336)

    works that are part of 11th thirumarai
  • thirumurukaRRuppadai of nakkiirar (8th C AD)

    naalaayira divya prabhandam
  • naalaayira divya prabhandam (part I, verses 1-138)
  • naalaayira divya prabhandam (part II, verses 138-263)
  • naalaayira divya prabhandam (part III, verses 264-390)

    Select etexts of tamil devotional poetry
  • thiruvarutpa of ramalinga adigal - akaval (part I, 1-500)
  • thiruvarutpa of ramalinga adigal - akaval (part II, 501-1000)
  • thiruvarutpa of ramalinga adigal - akaval (part III, 1001-1500)
  • vadivudai maaNicka maalai of vaLLaLAr /ramalinga adigal
  • thiruppuhaz of arunagirinaathar (part I, verses 1-35)
  • thiruppuhaz of arunagirinaathar (part II, verses 36-70)
  • thiruppuhaz of arunagirinaathar (part III, verses 71-103)
  • Auvaiyar compositions
    aathichoodi, kondraiventhan, nalvazhi, mudurai
  • Compositions on Lord Vinayaka
    (vinayakar akaval, vinayakar thuthi, vinayakar thiruakaval,...)
  • Abiraami anthAthi of Abiraami Bhattar
  • Compositions of Pattinaththaar -part I
  • Compositions of Pattinaththaar -part II
  • Works of kumaraguruparar (16/17th Century AD)
  • aachaarakkovai of thiruvayilmuLLiyaar
  • songs of Poet Bharathidasan
  • songs of C. Subramania Bharathiyar
  • Etexts available via email
    I have also a number of other tamil etexts that are yet to be put as webpages. A list of these files (plain text files in mylai format) is given below. Earlier these files were available for direct download (anonymous ftp) of our school. Recently as an adminstrative measure, our school has shut down this ftp server. If you would like to receive a copy of any of these files by email, send me an email request specifying the name of the file/content.
    abiraami1.myl abirAmi an^dhAdhi (of abirAmi bhattar (18th C AD),
    abirAmi ammaippathiham and thirukkadavUr thiruppathiham
    kandar.myl kan^dar alangAram, kan^dar anuboodhi of aruNagirin^Athar,
    kandar shasti kavachagam of dEvarAya cuvAmigaL
    prabndm1.myl divya prabhandam-part I (verses 1- 473)
    periyAzhwAr thirumozhi by periyAzhwAr (8th C AD)
    prabndm2.myl divya prabhandam-part I (verses 474 -946)
    thiruppaavai (474-503) by ANdAL (8th C AD)
    naacchiyaar thirumozhi(504-646) by ANdAL (8th C A.D)
    perumaaL thirumozhi (647-751) by kulacEkara perumAL (9th C A.D)
    thirucchanda viruttham (752-871) by thirumazhicai AzhwAr (9th C A.D)
    thirumaalai (872-916) by thoNdaradipodi AzhwAr (9th C A.D)
    thiruppaLLiyezucchi (917-926) by thoNdaradipodi AzhwAr (9th C A.D)
    amalanaathipiraan (927-936) by thiruppAnAzhwar (9th C A.D)
    kaNNinuN cirutthaambu (937-947) by mathura kavi (8th C A.D?)
    prabndm3.myl divya prabhandam-part III (verses 947 -1347)
    thirumangkai AzhvAr - periya thirumozhi
    prabndm4.myl divya prabhandam-part IV (verses 1348-1747)
    thirumangkai AzhvAr - periya thirumozhi
    thiru3.myl thiruppAvai (of Andal, 8th C AD) and
    thiruvembAvai, thiruppaLLiezuchi (of mANickavAsagar, 9th C AD)
    trspa.myl thiru isappa (9th thirumarai complete)
    collection of nine thiruisappas and thirupallandu (301 verses)
    tirmdr1.myl thirumanthiram of thirumUlar - Part I (verses 1-548)
    (pAyiram, muthal, iraNdAm thanthiram) (10th thirumarai)
    tirmdr2.myl thirumanthiram -Part II (verses 549-883)
    mUnRAm thanthiram of thirumUlar , 10th C AD (10th thirumarai)
    tirmdr3.myl thirumanthiram -Part III (verses 884-1418)
    nAngkAm thanthiram of thirumUlar , 10th C AD (10th thirumarai)
    tirmdr4.myl thirumanthiram -Part IV (verses 1419-1703)
    aintham, aaram thanthirams of thirumUlar , 10th C AD (10th thirumarai)
    tirmdr5.myl thirumanthiram -Part V (verses 1704-2043)
    ezhaam thanthiram of thirumUlar , 10th C AD (10th thirumarai)
    trkvyr.myl thiruciRRambalakkOvaiyAr (400 verses) (8th thirumarai) of mAnicka vAcakar (9th C AD)
    trmri11A.myl verses from 11th thirumarai (verses 1-301)
    thiruaalavaai udaiyaar (1)
    kaaraikkal ammaiyaar works (2-144)
    aiyaavadigal kaadavar kon works (145-168)
    ceramaaan perumaal naayanaar works (169-301)
    trmri11B.myl Verses from 11th thirumarai - verses 302-513
    kayilaipaathi kaalaththipaathi andhaathi (302-411)
    thiruingooimaalai ezhupathu (402-471)
    thiruvaalanguzhi mummaNikkOvai (472-488)
    peruntheva paaNi (489 - 490)
    kopappracaadam (491)
    kaar ettu (492-499)
    poRRith thiruk kaliveNbaa (500)
    thirumurukaaRRuppadai (501-511)
    thirukaNNappa thEvar thirumaram (512-513)
    trmri11C.myl Verses from 11th thirumarai - verses 514-825
    thirukaNNa thEvar thirumaram (514)
    mooththa naayanaar thiruiraattai manimaalai (515-534)
    civaperumaan thiru irattai manimaalai (535-571)
    civaperumaan thiru anththaathi - kapilar (572-671)
    civaperumaan thiru anththaathi - bharaNar (672-772)
    civaperumaan thiru mummaNikkOvai (773-802)
    mooththa piLLaiyaar thiru mummaNikkOvai (803-825)

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