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Electronic Texts of Tamil Literary Classics
in transliterated and tamil font based formats

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Electronic Text Archives in Tamil (transliterated/romanized format)

The simplest way to handle texts of classical languages such as Tamil that use non-Roman characters on computers is via transliterated/romanized format. This has been the practise with linguists and in internet newsgroups. Herein are some pointers to Etext archives in Tamil that use this form of archiving: WEB PAGES OF TAMIL TEXTS IN TRANSLITERATED/ROMANIZED FORMAT

Electronic Text Archives in Tamil prepared using Tamil Fonts

Ongoing projects elsewhere on Tamil Electronic Texts

Having optimistically labelled this page as a Homepage for Etexts in Tamil, I would like to use this page to provide info. on current/ ongoing projects of etexts in Tamil that I am aware of. This way we can achieve better coordination around the world and avoid unnecessary duplications :

If you know of any other activities related to electronic texts in tamil, please let me know so that I can spread the news around through this page!

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