If you've found yourself here you must be WAAAAAAYYYYY off track. Now jam with this cool tune. JUST WAIT A FEW SECONDS (30-45.)You can also visit my N64 Page (scroll down a bit).

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Click here to learn more about ME. And see a pic. Greetings fellow people. Welcome to my really cool home page. Here you'll find cool stuff. Such as Midi files, .wav files, and other things. And always remember... BE KIND, PLEASE REWIND THIS HOME PAGE WHEN YOU ARE DONE WITH IT. Now here are the MIDI FILES

When I come around
California Dream
Naked Gun theme
My favorit Midi file

Click HERE to go to my Super Midi Page.

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Okay, here's the riddle for today: What goes Up a chimney Down, but not Down a chimney Up? E-mail the answer if you think you're right.

Click here to travel to my N64 page 1. Contains Super Mario 64, Killer Instinct Gold, Pilotwings 64, Wave Race 64, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, and Cruis'n USA.
Click here to travel to my N64 page 2. Contains Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, NBA Hangtime, and Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey.

Here are my totally funny .wav files. Just click away and your on your way to laughing up a storm. Have fun...SOUND FILES R'US.

Wow, does this stink.

Here's something we would all like to do to barney.

Gumby offers pokey some drugs. But pokey has his own.

Links to other sites on the Web

The best Netscape plug-in
The best place (besides my place) to download MIDI files
Password is chat (all lowercase) then click on Pavillion guest access
My High School. Check it out, it's a neat site.
Standard Midi Files on the Net (USA)
My Friend's Awesome Homepage. You've gotta see it!!!
Another Friend's Homepage. This one is an Excellent Duke3d Site!!!
Yet Another of my Friend's Homepage. Wow, just look at how many hits he has!!!

Here's my e-mail address. Don't ask about the name.


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