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Philip Slater (1968) said of Herakles:

"Even today he symbolizes exaggerated masculine differentiation, with emphasis on secondary rather than primary sex characteristics; muscularity rather than virility per se.... As such, he is difficult for an urban people to take altogether seriously--a difficulty we share with the Athenians of the classical period.

While Heracles is often boorish and a being of gross appetites and homicidal passions...he is also portrayed as a culture hero: ridding the world of monsters and lawless creatures, ending human sacrifice, and performing useful engineering feats."
Glory of Hera, P. 339.

I've been a Herakles fan for about 25 years--probably since I first read Slater's Glory of Hera, which is, after all, what Herakles' name means.

Although I enjoy the Kevin Sorbo show, this site is dedicated to a Herakles who didn't wear woven leather pants and spurn mortal women. Most of all, the Herakles of this site is not politically correct.

Herakles is a Greek name. Most of the sources I have referred to are also Greek. Since K (but not C) is part of the Greek alphabet, I have opted for this "variant" spelling. If I were writing primarily about today's Herakles, I would refer to him as Hercules.

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