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It wasn't just when he was insane that Herakles actions were less than heroic. Here's an example from Sir J. G. Frazer's notes on Apollodorus Library II.4:
    On a visit to Delphi, king Aleus of Tegea was warned by the oracle that his daughter would bear a son who would kill his maternal uncles, the sons of Aleus. To guard against this catastrophe, Aleus hurried home and appointed his daughter priestess of Athena, declaring that, should she prove unchaste, he would put her to death. As chance would have it, Hercules arrived at Tegea on his way to Elis, where he purposed to make war on Augeas. The king entertained him hospitably in the sanctuary of Athena, and there the hero, flushed with wine, violated the maiden priestess....Aleus sent for the experienced ferryman Nauplius...and entrusted his daughter to him to take and drown her.


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