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PLATO [297c] Euthydemus

See passage on the hydra and Iolaus.

ARES ARES: god of carnage, son of Hera and Zeus, brother (not uncle) of Strife (Eris) had cause to be angry with Herakles. The hero had killed his son, Cycnus. Not that Cycnus was his only son. Among the many children he had were Eros, Anteros, and Harmonia by Aphrodite. Not that Ares was guiltless in his son's bloodbath, either. Ares thrust his son in Herakles' way and then, according to some accounts, Ares ineptly helped his son while Athena aided Herakles.
Despite their trysts, Ares' half-sister Aphrodite was married--to Heph aestus, Juno's son whom she so loathed she threw from the heavens. Hephaestus, in addition to being lame and ugly, was a talented craftsman who wove a bronze net cunning enough to catch the adulterous daughter and son of Zeus. Small wonder they turned out faithless.
APHRODITE Of course, there is another account of the birth of Aphrodite:
Cronus, father of Zeus and youngest son of Uranus, castrated his father and threw the severed organs into the sea. Aphrodite sprang from the seafoam on the genitals.

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