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BirthJust before Amphitryon returned to his wife, Alcmene, Zeus (disguised as Amphitryon) visited her. As a result of that night, Alcmene gave birth to two sons, Herakles and Iphikles (Amphitryon's son).

When Alcmene discovered the truth about Herakles' father, she so feared Hera's wrath that she abandoned Herakles on what is called "The Plains of Herakles."
Athena, Herakles' lifelong protector, then tricked Hera into taking a walk on which they encountered the abandoned child.

Hera Athena prevailed upon mother/marriage/childbirth goddess, Hera, to suckle the infant, but Herakles sucked too hard. When his foster mother hurled him off, a spurt of milk flew out to become the Milky Way.
Ironically, considering his subsequent relationship with Hera, Herakles had already had enough divine milk to become immortal.
1st snake Another story of the infancy of Herakles is that when he and his brother were sleeping, Hera sent two serpents to kill him, but instead he strangled the snakes.
Last snakeThe hydra was also a snaky monster and protege of Hera's. Ultimately, it was hydra's poison that killed Herakles.

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