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More Classical Sources

My selection from
The Frogs
My selection from
The Birds
Selections from Herodotus (I think I found all that relate to Herakles) Liaisons and progeny Divinity of Herakles Relationship with
his father Powers of Divination

Euripides' Heracles
Euripides' Alcestis
Euripides' Heracles, 460 BC; Translated by Coleridge, Edward Phil
Hesiod's Shield of Heracles
Sources for Classical Mythology
The History of Herodotus, Book I
Heracles in paintings
Plutarch. 46 ?)-120 ?) A. D.
The Trachiniae by Sophocles (Trans. Sir R. C. Jebb)
Hesiod, the Homeric Hymns and Homerica: Fragments of the Epic Cycle
Hesiod, the Homeric Hymns and Homerica: The Marriage of Ceyx to Doubtful
The Birds, by Aristophanes
The Frogs, by Aristophanes
Statue of Herakles
Herakles image on sarcophagus

Sources from Antiquity


The Birds

The not so bright Herakles
Herakles discusses his patrimony with his uncle, Poseidon.

The Frogs

Herakles and death
Dionysus visits Herakles (his half-brother)with a lionskin draped over his silk tunic.
He needs help because he wants to go to the underworld to rescue Euripides.

Passage from Euripides' Alcestis. (below)

Heroic Herakles and death
Admetus, torn between his obligation to be a good host and his sorrow over his wife's voluntary death--to save him--invites Herakles to share his hospitality.
Herakles can see Admetus is in mourning, but Admetus claims the deceased isn't a relative. When Herakles learns the truth, he resolves to rescue Alcestis.

Herakles in The Iliad

(listed by book and line):

  1. 02.653 ...his son Tlepolemos
  2. 02.658 ...Tlepolemos, strength of Herakles
  3. 02.659 ...brought Astyocheia from Ephyra
  4. 02.666 ...the strength of Herakles
  5. 02.679 ...Pheidippos and Antiphos, son of Herakles
  6. 05.628 ...Herakles' son, Tlepolemos
  7. 05.638 ...son of Herakles, Tlepolemos
  8. 05.640 ...Herakles and Laomedon's horses
  9. 05.649 ...Herakles treated badly
  10. 05.650 ...Herakles treated badly
  11. 08.363 ...Athene rescued Herakles
  12. 08.367 ...Herakles down to Hades
  13. 11.689 ...Herakles against Nestor
  14. 14.250 ...Herakles, son of Zeus
  15. 14.266 ...Herakles
  16. 14.324 ...Alkmene's son, Herakles
  17. 15.025 ...Herakles the godlike
  18. 15.640 ...messenger of Herakles, Periphetes
  19. 18.117 ...the strength of Herakles
  20. 19.099 ...the strength of Herakles
  21. 20.145 ...the stronghold of Herakles, built by Athene

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