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 AUSTRALIA  University of New South Wales
 University of Queensland
 CANADA  Acadia University
 University of Guelph
 Uviversity of Manitoba
 DENAMRK  Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University
 FINLAND  University of Helsinki
 GERMANY  Universität Hohenheim Institute of Food Technology
 Karlsruhe University Institute of Food Process Engineering
 THE NETHERLANDS  TNO Nutrition and Food Research
 POLAND Warsaw Agricultural University
 ART in Olsztyn
 SWEDEN  Lund University
 UNITED KINGDOM  University of Leeds
 Manchester Metropolitan Univeristy
 University of Surrey
 University of North London
 USA  University of California, Davis
 Cornell University
 Purdue University
 University of Illinois
 University of Kentucky
 University of Minnesota

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source: Trends in Food Science & Technology. vol.7, no.1[67], Elsevier Trends Journals, January 1996, Kidlington, Oxford.