These are links that I think are crazy and fun!!!

Send On-Line Flowers

Post cards

Many Links to Post cards and Greeting cards,too!!

Warner Brother Cards

Postcards from Space: Sources

Sayings -Personalized gifts - Inspirations - greeting cards - and more

Have your questions answered by the Psychic Chicken

Go here if You Need a Love Letter Written

Just for a laugh try these links!!!

Uses for AOL Disks

You might be addicted to IRC if...

Teachers Get Paid TOO MUCH

Todd's Humor Archive by subject

The World Wide Watercooler

Want to know more about yourself??? If so, try these links!!!

Your name in Hawaiian

What your name tells about you

Temperament Sorter

Psychological Test

Life's Financial Concerns

The MayKorner

Great place for new sounds!!!

CLIXSOUNDS - Premier Pro-Macintosh Sounds

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