My Favorite Joke

Once upon a time there were three tomatoes: Daddy Tomato, Mommy Tomato and Baby Tomato. They lived in the San Joaquin Valley, California. One day after dinner Mommy Tomato suggested that they all go for a walk. Since Daddy Tomato didn't have any plans and knew that Mommy Tomato's next suggestion would be to have everybody do dishes together, he agreed.

Daddy Tomato, Mommy Tomato and Baby Tomato all put on their red tennis shoes and headed out into the cool evening air. They walked down their favorite path talking about how nice the weather was and where they would like to go for vacation next year. After a few minutes, Daddy Tomato looked back and saw that Baby Tomato was falling behind. "Hurry up Baby Tomato," Daddy Tomato shouted encouragingly, "Come on, catch up with us."

Mommy Tomato and Daddy Tomato kept walking and discussed the last bushel of neighbors they met. Mommy Tomato was sad to see them go. Daddy Tomato turned around again and saw that Baby Tomato was even further behind. "Catch up with us Baby Tomato, hurry up. Come on, catch up," Daddy Tomato exclaimed. Daddy Tomato was getting a bit upset with Baby Tomato by this time.

"Do you remember that one couple we met last summer, Daddy Tomato?" Mommy Tomato inquired. "You know, the one with the small green baby?" Mommy Tomato never forgot a fruit and chided Daddy Tomato whenever he did. Daddy Tomato didn't have the foggiest idea. "Um- yeah, uh-yes, I remember that family. That baby was green and a bit hard-headed, but she sure was cute, wasn't she?" Daddy Tomato replied. Mommy Tomato thought all babies were cute, but before she could respond Daddy Tomato interjected, "Talking of babies, where is Baby Tomato? He is always dragging his feet. If he doesn't pay attention, he is going to get lost." Daddy Tomato turned around to see Baby Tomato very far behind. "Catch up Baby Tomato! We haven't got all night! Hurry up, come on, catch up!" By this time Daddy Tomato was getting very angry. He had to get up early the next morning for work and didn't want to run back, get Baby Tomato and carry him all the way home.

"I don't know what to do about Baby Tomato!" Daddy Tomato muttered. "I could roll faster than him when I was his age." "Baby Tomato isn't the same tomato that you used to be," Mommy Tomato reminded. Her comments didn't help. Daddy Tomato kept getting angrier and angrier. Finally, he turned around to yell at Baby Tomato again and could barely see him. That was the last straw. Daddy Tomato ran back to Baby Tomato, stepped on him and shouted, "There, that ought to make you Ketchup!"

What do you think?

Don't blame me; I didn't force you to read it. If you think this one is corny, you ought to hear the one about Baby corn borer!

This joke has been repeated among my friends for nearly twenty years. Of course, we spice it up each time it's told.

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