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Family and Parenting!

This is indeed a very hot topic. It is not easy nowadays to be a parent. We all need some extra hands. The links listed below appeared on the last Special Issue of Newsweek

  NewsGroups -- alt.parenting;; rec.arts.books.children

  WebSites -- Obviously, Parenthood begins the moment when pregancy happens. It's a very special time. It is more than normal to be curious about what is happening. Once again, Parenting is not easy -- check what other parents has to say about their own experience on ParentTalk. If you can, ckeck Parent Soup Web Site -- it's not only nicely made, but also very informative and... interactive.

True, I teach 4th grade. But I know that great kids are just as great when they are younger. Parents of toddlers (or not so toddlers) may check this page completely dedicated to children from Zero to Three. It is sponsored by the National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families.

 Parenthood, however, might turn to be more difficult if the child is born, or develops, some "problems." In cases like this, support is fundamental. You can find some support on the Web as well (of course, otherwise why would you be reading this page in the first place!).

 Naturally, the best kind of support that you can get, is the one you can give. Activities like Parents Helping Parents will help people to create a sense of community and support for each other.

 Some of these WebSites might also be very helpful

 If you need more information, just check one of the Search Engines and check "childhood." I am sure you'll run into something you'll find helpful. Of course, if you find any informative site, please let me know so that I can keep this page update. Thanks!

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